Metamucil Advisor – Your Guide to Metamucil and Dietary Fibers

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A Fresh, Practical & First-Hand Perspective

Hi Friends.

This is Tanya and Neel!

Welcome to Metamucil Advisor!!  If you are looking to know and learn about dietary fiber in general including products like Metamucil then this website will help you gain that knowledge.

When we created, our intention was to provide information about Metamucil and Isabgol.  After all metamucil is one of the leading brand of laxative which is sold in United States. Metamucil has been used by millions of people for many years for constipation and hardened stool problem.

However as the website grew and the readership increased we got feedback, that our readers wanted much more about dietary fiber than just about Metamucil.  Keeping that in mind we kept on increasing the topics we cover in this site.  We now have more than 20 categories in which the articles are divided.  

We cover various topics and categories such as various products and how they compare with other products, how fiber intake impact your health, various research findings and recipes which make it easier to take fiber daily in your day to day life.

If you have never used these products and want to know more about these products we will provide you right information which you can use for yourself not only for now but also for future reference.

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