3 Top Reasons To Snack on Pistachio

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Pistachio are amongst the tastiest snacks available.  Ever better is the fact that they are really one of the healthiest options, and I love them.  They are extremely popular snack in many countries including US, Russia, Middle East, South Asia and the Mediterranean region.  You may be surprised to know that these nuts were eaten even around 7000 years ago pretty commonly.  It is also one of the seeds mentioned in the Bible.

Apart from the fact that they are so tasty, here are three reasons to have more Pistachio.

Good Amount of Fiber

Pistachios are great source of fiber as they contain more than 10 grams of fiber / 100 grams in weight.  As we are aware eating more fiber rich food decreases the chances of heart disease and has other health benefits including decrease in blood sugar levels and constipation control.  Even FDA approved the first qualified health claim specific to seeds lowering the risk of heart disease.

Presence of Healthy Fat

Pistachios are full of healthy fats.  They are rich source of monounsaturated  fatty acids which decreases the bad LDL cholesterols.  Out of total fat content 54% is monounsaturated fat while more than 30 percent is polyunsaturated fat.

Presence of Essential Minerals

Pistachios are also great sources of many minerals and vitamins including Calcium, Iron and Magnesium like the sunflower seeds.  These minerals have several health benefits and can help us meet the metal requirements in the body.  They are also excellent source of Vitamin B Complex contain almost entire range of the Vitamin B.

Apart from the above reasons they also provide good amount of energy and contain phyto chemicals which are very effective in removing free radicals from the body and hence reducing the chances of Cancer.

How to Eat Pistachios

Usually Pistachios are consumed as a snack.  They are so tempting, especially the roasted ones that you cannot eat just one.  You will keep going till you have them near you.  Roasted ones are the most popular option.

Apart from the roasted nuts they are also eaten as salad mixed along with other veggies.  There are many sweet dishes and ice creams which use Pistachios.  One of the most popular local ice cream in India is called Kulfi which contains Pistachios mixed in milk and sugar.


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