4 Advantages of Benefiber over Metamucil

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In one of the previous article on Benefiber vs Metamucil we saw the differences between Benefiber and Metamucil. We saw that the fundamental difference is Benefiber is a soluble fiber where as Metamucil in insoluble fiber. In this article we will concentrate on some of the advantages of taking Benefiber over Metamucil.

 Advantages of Benefiber over Metamucil

Since Benefiber is a water soluble fiber it is fundamentally different as compared to Metamucil. Metamucil becomes like a thick gel when it comes in contact with water or other liquids and expands in size as it absorbs water.  Benefiber is more of a soluble fiber and it completely dissolved in liquids such as water, carbonated drink, tea or coffee. It is also tasteless.

So here are some advantages of Benefiber

1. Easier to Consume – Since it is tasteless and does not form a thick gel, it can be consumed by anybody very easily. Even kids can have it with ease. Most people find the strange taste of Psyllium difficult to take down when they take it for the first time.  Some discomfort always remains even when you have become used to Psylliumm which is the key ingredient in Metamucil.

2. No Feeling of Fullness – Psyllium expands in the stomach since it absorbs lot of fluid.  It increases in weight and you get a feeling of fullness. Many people do not like that feeling.  If you are one of them, you will not find this problem with Benefiber since it does not lead to feeling of fullness in the stomach or bloated stomach.

3. No Risk of Chocking – Another problem related to the ways psyllium expands is sometime it can lead to chocking either in the food pipe also known as esophagus or in the intestines if you do not take sufficient amount of water with it. With Benefiber this issue is not seen.

4. Does not Interfere with Medication – Psyllium can also interfere with medications, by limiting their absorption in the blood stream.  This happens since Psyllium can engulf the medicines and limit its contact with the intestines from where it is absorbed into the blood. Benefiber does not have this disadvantage as there is no roughage produced by it.

The above disadvantages may make you think that Metamucil is not good for you.  However Metamucil has its own advantages which cannot  be ignored.  You can find the advantages of Metamucil over Benefiber here. Important thing is your body needs both soluble and insoluble fiber and taking just one type of fiber may not be sufficient for you.

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