5 Health Benefits of Dextrin

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Dextrin is a natural water soluble fiber which is derived from variety of sources. In spite of being produced from various plants the basic structure and use of Dextrin remains the same,  Dextrin has multiple used and health benefits which include acting as mild laxative and helping in controlling weight gains.  It also makes several foods less harmful in terms of blood sugar spike.

How is Dextrin Extracted

Dextrin is extracted from dextrose which sugar of the plants called glucose.  When the plant based starch are hydrolyzed one of the products is Dextrin.  To understand in simple terms, hydrolysis means breaking up the H2O molecules of water into separate molecules and attaching them to other molecules.   Dextrin has variety of uses including being used as glue on envelopes and stamps.

What are the Health Benefits

Many of the health benefits associated with Dextrin comes from the fact that it is a soluble fiber.  It is also used in Benefiber which is one of the popular laxatives.

1. Constipation Relief: Dextrin acts as mild laxative and clears the bowel.  If you are suffering from constipation for some time you can try Dextrin based laxatives as they are not habit forming.  You should also drink lot of water for it to be effective.

2. Detox: Since your bowel gets cleared you also get detoxed.  Generally having good bowel movement is good for your body as toxins are eliminated from the body.  If the intestinal walls are clean it also helps in absorption of nutrition from the food.  The colon also remains healthier since it remains cleaner.  Dextrin also promotes healthy bacteria in the guts and colon which keeps your colon clean and in good shape.

3. Healthier Blood Sugar Levels: Dextrin is added as additive in many foods to make and like other fibers it can bring down the glycemic index of the foods.  Glycemic index of any food indicates how fast blood sugar levels will rise when it is eaten.  Foods such as pasta, rice, cakes, cookies rise the blood sugar levels too fast and in long term like to cause type 2 diabetes if the intake in not controlled.  When dextrin is added to foods it slows down the blood sugar rise.  It can also be taken as supplement around 1 hour before meals so that the food with you will have later is not going to cause sharp in blood sugar.

4. Lowers Bad Cholesterol: Dextrin can bind with the cholesterol release in the bile juice and then eliminate it with the stool.  Therefore people with high LDL cholesterol levels may be able to lower their cholesterol levels by taking Dextrin regularly.

5. Keeps Weight in Control: Dextrin keeps you full for longer time after the meals which prevents the excess intake of foods.  Due to this you end up eating less amount of bad foods.  This helps you keep the weight gain in check.

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