6 Benefits of Adding Psyllium To Food

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Benefits of Adding Psyllium to FoodPsyllium Husk is one of the most popular natural fibers.  It is the main ingredient in Metamucil which is the most popular fiber supplement in the market. Although most people are aware of the benefits it offers, many are still reluctant to take it.

The main objection is how bloated they feel or how hard they find it to eat as it forms a gel like formation when it comes in contact with water. So how do you get the benefits of Psyllium without its bad taste.

The best way to feed fiber to your family could be by adding the Psyllium husk to food.  May be discretely. Here are some advantages of doing this.

Makes it More Palatable – You would remove the number one objection to eating Psyllium if you add it to food.  When added in the food it tastes better as compared to just taking the Psyllium on its own. It is also one of the reasons Metamucil orange is so popular.  When you add the husk to gravies they become thicker and look good.  If used in the right proportion you would get a great gravy and increase the satisfaction the food provides.  We would suggest adding a little bit first and then see how it goes.  Each family has different food habits, so it is advisable to add little quantity initially and see how it changes the taste and texture.

Makes Your Kids Have Fiber – Kids are the ones who will never want to eat Psyllium.  You can’t blame them, since many adults would also do the same.  So adding Psyllium to the food may be the best way to provide them fiber.  You can add very little to the juice which has pulp or to the gravy.-

Reduces Cravings – Psyllium husk makes you feel full and kills the cravings.  Cravings make you want to eat food, mostly the bad foods full of carbs.  If you are on a weight loss regimen this is really good option.

Get Fiber Regularly –Adding Psyllium husk to the foods makes it easier for you to take fiber regularly without being aware of it.  If you have to take it every night separately, there are more chances of missing out. Adding it to food makes sure you do not miss it as it gradually it becomes a habit.  As it becomes a part of your family’s eating habit you would start getting your dietary fiber requirements fulfilled.

Reduces Chances of Constipation – Fiber in the Psyllium helps in constipation relief.  If anybody in your family has tendency for constipation, you would be able to see a great improvement in your bowel movements within a week.

Improves the Heart HealthHusk absorbs the extra cholesterol and prevents it from going into the blood stream.  In the long run it improves the heart health by preventing the cholesterol buildup in the arteries of the heart.

So which Psyllium brand is good for adding in the food?

In our opinion you should go for a brand which does not has any artificial sweetener or flavor added.  That way it will not change the flavor of the food in which it is added.  Isabgol is a good brand as it contains Psyllium without any additives.  We have used Isabgol ourselves and find it really good option for adding to food.

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