6 Foods Which Are Great Source of Fiber and Healthy Fats

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In the last article we saw some foods which are great sources of fiber and protein.  But what about fats?  Should we also have more fats?  Most people would like to avoid fats or foods containing fats like epidemic.  After all fat loss industry is one of the most profitable industry on the planet.

The truth is fats are essential nutrition and they should be part of our diet.  In fact fats play vital role in our health and they should be taken regularly.  Of course you should take healthier fats so that you get the benefits instead of harming yourself.

Many societies survive on fats, like the Intuit people who live in the Arctic region.  These people get their energy mainly from animal fats like whale and seals.  Fats play vital role in our health since many vitamins are soluble only in fats hence fats are needed to absorb those proteins.  They also help in having great skin and hair.

When you get the right balance of dietary fiber and the right fats you become healthier and also have lots of energy.  So in this article we will present some foods which are great source of both fiber and fats.

Foods Which Are Great Source of Fiber and Fats

1. Coconut. Coconut is one of the god’s gift to us.  It contains one of the best types of fats called monounsaturated fat which is considered to be the really healthy kind of fat.  It also contains other two types of fats in sufficient quantity.  Coconuts also contain good amount of dietary fiber and help in maintaining healthy heart, lowering bad cholesterol levels, boosts digestion and immunity.  It is also a great source of healthy cooking oil. Cooking oil extracted from coconut is considered by many as the healthiest cooking oil and this oil is also used in making many traditional medicines in many countries including Ayurvedic medicines in India.

2. Avocado. Avocado is considered to be a super food for the nourishment it provides to people of South America region.  This fruit has rapidly grown in popularity and it is now eaten all over the world including US.  This fruit is rich source of both fiber and fats.  One cup of Avocado can fulfill 40% of your requirement of fiber and 32% need of fats.  There are many great recipes which can be prepared from Avocados with in short time.  Avocados are filling and also contain many Vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, Vitamin B and Magnesium which makes them great for heart health and bringing down the blood pressure.

3. Olives. Olives contain around 10% fat by body content and most of that is the healthy monounsaturated fat.  Olives oil is one of the most sought after and popular oils in the market because of its legendary health benefits.  It is extensively consumed in the Mediterranean region which  has the reputation of being the healthiest region in the world.  You can easily add olives to salads or any other recipe which contain vegetables.

sunflower seeds contain fiber and protein4. Sunflower Seeds. Sunflower seeds are full of monounsaturated fats which is whopping 65 grams in one cup of these seeds.  Amount of protein is massive 29 grams and around 12 grams of dietary fiber.  It would be difficult to find foods which contain more of these three nutrients with in them.  It makes for great snack and many nutritionists encourage people to consume sunflower seeds regularly.  I have taken sunflower seeds many times and they are really awesome to have.  You can easily blend them into smoothies and have them.

Sesame Seeds are full of fiber and protein 5. Sesame Seeds. Another seeds which are on the top slot on the healthy scale are the sesame seeds.  They have awesome combination of fats which are at 62 grams and fiber which is around 11.6 grams for 100 grams of weight.  Sesame contains healing abilities which can help you improve your health significantly.  Sesame seeds contains antioxidants which are important for your health as they keep the toxins away by eliminating them.  Sesame seeds oil is also very healthy option for cooking oil and it come almost in the same category as Coconut and Olive oil in terms of being healthy when food is cooked in this medium.

Sesame seeds contains various minerals which can help meet your daily requirement for those minerals.  The most significant mineral which are present are Phosphorus, Magnesium and Potassium.  These minerals help in keeping the bones and the heart healthy.  Also because of the high fiber content, you will also be able to meet your daily fiber needs and get health benefits associated with fiber consumption.

There are various recipes which are made from sesame seeds and many of the recipes are eaten in the winter season to keep the body warm as sesame seeds provide lot of energy through its fats and protein content.  Then can also be consumed in powdered form by adding to milk or other liquid.

6. Pumpkin Seeds. One of the seeds which are not too well know among majority of people looking for healthy food options is pumpkin seeds.  Considering that pumpkin seeds contain around 17 grams of fats (mostly monounsaturated fats) and 17 grams of fiber per 100 grams in weight it is really surprising that it is not more popular.  However its popularity is increasing by the day due the health benefit these seeds provide.

Pumpkin seeds contain Zinc which is one of the essential minerals we need.  Consuming the seeds also have been found to be effective in certain health conditions such as diabetes, Cancer, prostate gland enlargement problems apart from other benefits associated with eating fiber rich foods.

Please remember that when fats are consumed in the natural form they are more beneficial.  For example the fats which are contained in the foods above give more benefits when they are eaten or consumed without cooking.  When you cook the foods some of the benefits may be lost.  When the cooking is done in oil in high temperature the molecules of the oil disintegrate and become dangerous for our health.  Hence to get more benefits try to have in more natural form or roasted form so that you can get the benefits associated with the foods which are consuming and become healthier in the process.

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