A Fiber Source Which Is Used By Shale Gas Industry

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If you visit any South Asian grocery store, chances are that you may have come across this legume although you are quite likely to have ignored it.  Guar bean is a popular food item in northern Indian pockets and Pakistan, but it is still not as famous as some other vegetables which are consumed in the Indian subcontinent.

Guar is one of the legumes which is very popularly consumed both in vegetable form as well as legume or seed.  It is grown extensively in India and Pakistan.  This plant grows in semi arid and arid regions well.  Like Acacia gum, Guar gum is also a good source of fiber.   In fact commercial varieties can contain up to 75% fiber.

Guar gum which is a good source of fiber is extracted from endosperm of the Guar seeds.  Commercially it is known as Partially hydrolyzed Guar Gum (PHGG).  PHGG is a soluble fiber and commercial varieties contain around 75% soluble fiber. As can be expected from soluble fiber, Guar gum provides regularity to bowel movements.  Many people who are diabetics face constipation, and fibers such as metamucil or Guar fiber extract can help in preventing constipation.

Some interesting facts about Guar Gum

It is used in extraction of oil and Share gas.

It is used as animal feed including cattle, pigs, fish and poultry.

It is also used in many industries such as paper, textile, explosives.

Food industry uses Guar for its viscosity and fiber in baked goods, ice creams and sweets.

How to Have Guar

Guar can be eaten as part of multiple recipes.  One of the popular recipes is Guar beans and Potato curry.  You can look for this recipe online.  But you would need to remember that this recipe is more of a south Asian style recipe.  The better way may be eat the legumes which are soaked and boiled and added to Salads.  You can also have it in sprouted form which will be not only filling but also full of protein and fiber.

If you are a regular reader of this site you can see that there are so many options available to consume fiber through many fruits and vegetables.  Guar is certainly only of the good options to take.

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