A Pancake Filled With Food Fiber

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Pancakes are one of most popular breakfast item in America.  One of the famous chains famous of Pancake breakfast is Village Inn where I had a chance to taste pancakes few years back.  Although pancakes taste quite good they may not be the healthiest breakfast option since they are made primarily from refined wheat flour.  This means that they many not contain good amount of fiber and also not food for those who are allergic to gluten.  In this article we are presenting a simple pancake recipe which is a great source of fiber and healthy also.

Beans are great source of fiber.  Here is another black bean recipe for your fiber needs as well as taste buds.

Healthy Pancake Recipe Filled With Fiber and Protein

I learnt this recipe from my mom.  This is healthy, cheap and filling at the same time.  This recipe is called Moong Bean Pancake.  Moong bean are full of protein and also contain fiber.  Moong beans contain around 24 grams of protein and 16 grams of fiber per 100 grams in weight which is really awesome combination.

How To Prepare Moong Bean Pancake


  • One bowl of whole moong beans soaked overnight.  Make sure to soak in large bowl as the beans will expand.  We will use the green moong which have the skin not removed.
  • One Carrot grated.
  • Salt to taste.
  • One bunch of Cilantro cut into small pieces.
  • Green pepper cut into small pieces.
  • Grated Almonds (Optional)’
  • Cooking Oil or Ghee

How to Prepare

Grind the soaked beans in the morning by adding water and make a consistent paste.  Now add salt, and green pepper.

Heat a non stick pan on the gas and when the pan is hot add little oil on the pan.  Now take one scoop of the paste on the pan and and spread it on the pan like a pancake.  Add grated little carrot and cilantro leaves on the pancake.  If required add the grated almonds also. Let the paste cook for a minute to two minutes and when cooked take it out of the pan and serve it hot with some sauce.

Another Variation of Moong Pancake

In the above recipe we used the whole moong which had the skin intact.  This is green in color. Here is another variation where skinned moong in which skin are remove and these are yellow in color.  You can see the in the video below.


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