ABA Opposed to FDA’s Fiber Definition

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In the previous article we had mentioned about how FDA is trying to tighten the screws on processed food manufacturers who label “Dietary Fiber” in their packages.  FDA also asked manufacturers to come up with a label which mentioned the use of added sugar.

Now the news is American Bakery Association (ABA) has opposed the FDA plan.  They say that there is no scientific proof of ill effects of added sugars in processed foods.  They also mention that FDA does not have the required authority to enforce this mandate on the manufacturers.

They mentioned that FDA’s dictate would eliminate Oat fiber hull, barleys and corn fiber extract from being added as dietary fiber on the food labels.

They also mentioned that fiber should include more than just beta-glucan soluble fiber and barley beta-fiber.

For more information you can visit http://www.bakeryandsnacks.com/Regulation-Safety/Nutrition-Facts-Panel-American-Bakers-Association-concerns

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