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neel and tanya

Hi Friend.

Welcome to Metamucil Advisor and Thanks for visiting our site.  I am Neel and I have built this site with my wife.  We got interested in fiber couple of years ago when our doctor told us about the health potential of Fibers.

NeelWe tried several fibers ourselves including Metamucil and Isabol and found great improvements in our heart health.  Our Cholesterol levels improved dramatically in a matter of few months.

From there we thought of sharing the good news about fiber and also present any good information we found on the internet on Fibers.

We have done research on lot of different types of fibers available on the market, spent time reading comments of real time users and read research results done by credible agencies.  We have spent this time so that we can deliver information which is authentic and useful for you.

We do hope that you find the information useful and would visit us again. We also hope that  you would recommend this web site to your friends and family.

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