Another Reason McDonalds is Bad For Health

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You may have heard or read many times that fast foods which are served in chains like McDonalds are not good and they promote obesity.  While McDonalds and other fast food chains deny that their foods are as harmful as it is made out to be, we tried to see the fact.

We went to the McDonalds site and downloaded their nutrition pdf.  I have add the link the the MacDonalds nutrition menu.  You can check it out at McDonalds Nutrition Facts.

Why is McDonalds Menu Bad

If you open the PDF and check the columns you will be alarmed at the amount of calories served.  Eating McDonalds items regularly is surely one way path to obesity and getting metabolic syndrome disorders.

Most of the items contain more than 500 calories.  Remember, most people also take french fries and other drinks along with any meal which shoots up the calorie counter even higher.

On top of this, the amount of the dietary fiber is too less in these food.Most of the items contains less than 5 grams of dietary fiber.  Although some items do contain around 10 grams of dietary fiber but they are rare.  If you consider the ratio of dietary fiber vs the amount of Calories the statistics become alarming.

It is recommended by all doctors and researches proved that we should increase our dietary fiber quantity and reduce saturated fats to keep out hearts healthy.  McDonalds diet some how seems to be doing the opposite.

Harmful Fats

Most of the Burgers and sandwiches also contain Trans fat which you should avoid at all costs.  Although the other items do not contain too much Trans fat They compensate by having good amount of Saturated Fats and Cholesterol levels.

Our recommendation would be to avoid McDonalds at all cost and in case you still want to have a bite keep it to bare minimum.  You can go though the nutrition menu here and decide on some of the less harmful options.

There are many healthy and tasty recipes which you can make at home and get all the proper nutrition and remain healthy.  Some of the recipes are mentioned here and here.





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