Are Bananas Constipating in Nature

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If you suffer from constipation one of the questions you may have is whether bananas are constipating in nature.  Different people would give different answers which tend to confuse most people and if you are suffering from constipation this this questions will disturb you all the more.

BananaThe answer this question if bananas cause constipation is not a simple yes or no answer.  Depending on the body condition our bodies tend to react differently to the same food at different times for most of the foods.  Bananas are no different.

Sometimes they may be constipating and some other time they may cause the reverse affect which is causing diarrhea.  Some other times bananas are in fact used to control diarrhea or even relieve constipation.  Let us tell you little bit more on affect of bananas on diarrhea or constipation.

Do Bananas Cause Constipation

If you take unripe banana generally it is constipation in nature.  Usually recipes prepared with unripe bananas are fed to people who are suffering from diarrhea in many Asian countries.  So if you are suffering from diarrhea start taking cooked unripe banana.

However in many people who have dry bodies which causes dryness of the intestines which in turn can cause constipation; may find relief by taking many ripe bananas together as bananas are cold in nature which may cause excess fluids in the intestines to be release.

Bananas also have sugars and insoluble fibers which can cause the stomach to release the substance in the intestines this help in relieving constipation temporarily.  However bananas are as such not a solution for constipation nor do they cause constipation unless taken in unripe condition, that too in large quantities.

Remember that if you are suffering from cold and flu and take bananas it will aggravate your condition since they are cold in nature.  Those with diabetes should also be careful are they will provide lot of carbohydrates.  However it also contains potassium which can help people with high blood pressure to reduce their blood pressure.

If you suffer from constipation regularly start taking more fiber containing foods or fiber supplements like metamucil or benefiber.  Lack of dietary fiber is the most common cause of constipation and when you take more fiber you will observer that you will be get control on constipation pretty soon.

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