Are Your Kids Having Fiber?

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Most parents want their kids to be much more healthier than they are.  After all, who wouldn’t want their kids to be happy and fit.  The amount of food options available now a days is unimaginable just a few years a back.  But the hard truth is most of them, especially the ready to eat foods may not be the most healthy food for your kids.  Reason?  They do not contain sufficient amount of fiber.

Why Kids Need Fiber?

Like adults kids also need fiber for the same reasons.  Although kids are naturally healthier as compared to adults, in last decade or so we can see incidence of child obesity increasing alarmingly. Many reputed institutions recommend fiber for kids and mention than when fiber was increased in their diet the number of kids who are obese would go down drastically.  There are some other good reasons as well for adding more fiber in your kid’s meals.

Fiber prevents constipation.  When kids are constipated they suffer a lot.  If your kid is constipated you can give some Metamucil to your kid.  Although sometimes Metamucil may not be suitable for your kid, in some cases you can feed some Metamucil or Psyllium.  But the best way to add fiber to your kid’s meal is to feed then fiber in their diet which is called dietary fiber.

Good Sources Of Dietary Fiber For Kids

Fiber For KidsIf you are looking to add both soluble fiber or insoluble fiber to your kid’s diet you do not need to try too hard.  You just need to add different type of vegetable and nuts to your kids’ food.

For example you can feed your kid, veggies like Broccoli, Celery, Carrots and leafy vegetables such as Spinach or Kale.

You could also add generous amount of nuts such as Almonds, Walnuts and Pistachios.  It is always better to add unsalted and raw nuts instead of roasted and salter variety.  One easy way to feed nuts to your kids is to make a paste of the nuts in a grinder and mix it with milk.  Not only will it make the milk tastier, but it will add much needed fiber.  You can also make a fiber rich ice cream at home with milk mixed with nut paste.

If you kid is not habituated to these foods, try to learn recipes which contain fiber and taste good.  Learn few of these recipes and start making those.  Your kids will gradually start eating more fiber and their health will improve.

How Much Fiber is Needed By Kids

Although there is debate about the amount of fiber needed by kids, on rule for kids up to 12 years is to add 5 grams to their age.  for example for a kid who is six years old add five which makes 11 grams of fiber for the day.

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