Benefiber For Constipation During Pregnancy

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Benefiber is a fiber supplement which is taken for fulfilling the fiber deficiency in your diet.  One of the good effects of Benefiber is its ability to provide relief in constipation.  Benefiber is made from Wheat Dextrin which is a water soluble compound.  If you want to know more on wheat dextrin here is another article.

What Happens When You Take Benefiber

Benefiber is a bulk forming agent and it absorbs water in the intestines and increases the size of the stool.  It also make is softer.  Usually constipation happens when the stool become hard. Softer and bulkier stool is easier for the intestines to push out, hence prevents constipation.

Usually most people find Benefiber beneficial for tackling their constipation.

Main Cause of Constipation During Pregnancy

Constipation can be caused due to many factors but during pregnancy it is caused by mainly two factors.  Firstly there are changes in hormones in the body which changes the way the body functions.  Another reason is the changes in the shape of the body, especially in the later stages, which can change the pressure on the abdominal organs including the intestines.  This happens as the baby needs more space as the time goes.

Can You Take Benefiber During Pregnancy

Benefiber can be taken during pregnancy also and it can help you in the bathroom.  Benefiber is available in powder form as well as capsules also.  You can select the form you like.  Usually for proper health you should consume around 30 grams of fiber through your diet everyday.  That should ideally include both soluble and insoluble fibers.  Benefiber provides around 5 to 6 grams of fiber from two teaspoons.


Always start with small dose if you are taking Benefiber or any other fiber supplements during pregnancy.  Taking small dose and taking lot of water is the recommended way.  If you see that you are comfortable you can increase your dose.  Initially you can start with only half a tea spoon and then go to 2 teaspoon gradually.  You can take this three times a day.


Try to take more fiber rich food along with supplements since it will not only help you to remain free from constipation it will also prevent too much weight gain during pregnancy.

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