Benefits of Beet Root in Constipation and Digestive Diseases

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Beet root is one of the very commonly available vegetables in many salads however not many may be aware of its beneficial properties.  Beet is a kind of root which is eaten all over the world from Asia to Africa to Europe and America.

You all would hear me and also many other telling you multiple times that you should eat more vegetables and that is a simple formula not only to be fit and healthy but also keep many diseases including constipation at bay.

Beet root and juice also is used for digestive diseases and cleans the diseases of Liver.  The beet juice cleans the blood and also lessens the load on the Liver. When your Liver works properly you will have good digestion and the chances of constipation decreases sharply and you will have healthy digestion.

Beet and Its Role in Constipation Cure

beetrootBeet is one of the most effective vegetables which is effective in avoiding and also curing constipation from happening frequently.  In the classic roman book of recipe called Apicius there are five soups which are effective in curing constipation and out of them three of them include beet.  Here is a simple recipe for beet soup which is prepared from beet.  This soup will give you all the all the benefits associated with this beneficial root.

Recipe For Beet Soup For Constipation

Take a beet and slice it into small pieces and wash it properly .  Take a onion and cut into small pieces.  Take one or two garlic cloves and cut into small pieces.

In a frying pan add two tea spoon of cooking oil and add garlic and onion and let it be fried till it is soft and add the pieces of beet.  After a minute or two of saute, add two glasses of water and let it simmer in low heat.  Add salt as per taste.  After twenty to thirty minutes when the beet becomes tender and soft take it of the flame and once it cools down you can use a food processor of crush the beet and the soup together.

Warm the soup and have it.  You can also have some portion of this soup and keep the rest refrigerated.  Whenever you want you can warm it again and have it next time.  This soup will provide all the benefits of beet including constipation relief.  It also provides energy and the nutrients which your body needs.

You can also use food processor to extract beet juice.  This juice is also beneficial for constipation and also for people who suffer from anemia and infections of blood.

However those of you who are diabetic should be careful since this juice is high in carbohydrate which can increase the blood sugar in a short while.  For those of you who have diabetes can opt for the soup instead of juice since this will not contain carbohydrates in too high quantity.

Beet juice is also helpful for those who suffer from low blood levels and anemia when you take it regularly and it increases the blood since it helps in formation of blood cells.  Hemoglobin count also get benefited since it contains Iron.  Since it  increase the quantity of blood in the body it also make makes you stronger and more resistant to many other diseases.

Beet also is a good source of magnesium which also helps in curing constipation.  Apart from helping in constipation, magnesium also make the food alkaline and hence it is useful in overall body health as it decreases the body acidity levels.  Beet also contains natural dietary fibers which are very often suggested as natural constipation cure.

When we eat different types of food and also beverages like alcohol these produce toxins and Liver is responsible for cleaning and removing these from the the blood and ultimately our body. Over a period of time the toxins keep on increasing in the blood and also reaches the cells.  When your body and its cells are full of toxins many diseases like diseases of the skin and lethargy in the digestive system are cause which is one of the reasons for constipation.

How Else Can You Consume Beet

Another simple way to have this vegetable apart from soup and juice form is to have it form of salads.  Just cut the beets in thin circular slices and add little olive oil and garnish with rock salt and mix with onions or tomato.  You will have a delicious salad which contain the various colors, flavors and tastes.  Having the salad also reduces the needs for consuming high calorie foods and hence keeping the weight under control.

Lot of people also prepare delicious fries by boiling the beet root and potato and mashing them together.  Then the maxed portion is mixed with salt, pepper and cinnamon.  Dip it in a mixture of water and bengal grams (Besan in Hindi) and fry it.  This is delicious fry and also gives you the benefits of the vegetable.  You can add beet in more quantity and potato in lesser quantity so that you have more of the beet and less of the potato.

Since this vegetable cleans the entire system many naturopaths use this for treating cancer and many people have benefited from this.

Other Health Benefits of Beet

Good for Cardio Health – Beet also increases the healthy cholesterol called HDL and decreases the bad cholesterol known as LDL and triglycerides.  When your cholesterol levels are in healthy region the chances of heart disease decreases significantly as cholesterol creates the blockages in the arteries of the heart.

Cancer Prevention – Many recent studies point out that beet juice reduces the growth of tumors which are cancerous in nature.  Beet helps in preventing colon cancers also.

With so many benefits being offered by this simple root isn’t it wise that you include this wonderful food in your regular meals and enjoy the benefits.

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