Bread Time Story – From White to Brown

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Human beings have been consuming bread for a long time since time immemorial.  They just ate whatever bread was produced from the grains they cultivated.  They never bothered about its color being white or brown.  As long as it was good and fresh they were happy eating it.

How Bread Became White

Then came industrial revolution. Industrial revolution started off a phase in time where more and more innovation were made and consumption increased.  One of the products of Industrial revolution was mass production of white bread.  Initially white bread was thought to be the best bread and only the rich could afford it.

Gradually people of all classes could lay their hands on the white bread and found that it was softer and easier to chew.  It also gave them more satisfaction.

However what most people missed was white bread is made of refined flour and does not contains the fiber.  Within a few years the incidence of constipation increase and the general health was worse than before.

Most people were still not aware about the harmful effects of refined flour but as more and more research started being done people realize that they need to add fiber to their bread.  The solution was to include the wheat Bran which was usually eliminated while creating the flour.  Usually the part of the seed used in the flour is known as Endosperm.

What is Bran?

Bran is the outer layer of the cereals such as wheat.  Bran is significant source of dietary fiber and essential fatty acids.  When you talk about whole grain bread, it means that Bran is also included along with the important part of the seed called Germ.

Whole Grain BreadWhen you start having whole grain bread instead of white bread the entire equation changes.  You start getting more dietary fiber, the blood sugar does not rise too quickly and you do not get constipated too quickly.  You also start getting important nutrients which are part of the Germ.

In the white bread there is no nutrition and Endosperm is mostly carbohydrates.

Note : Do not go for brown bread.  Many times that is just a food color.  Instead of that try to go for Whole grain bread.  You should also include other sources of dietary fiber such as fruits, vegetables, other nuts and seeds.

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