Can Atkins Diet Can Cause Constipation

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Many of you who are interested in fitness or determined to lose lot of body weight may heard of Atkins diet. Atkins diet is named after Robert Atkins who proposed a new weight loss concept in early 1970s advocating high protein and low carbohydrate diet. He claimed that he lost his excess body weight following this kind of diet regime. These diets were mentioned in the books Dr Atkins’ Diet Revolution.

atkinsThe main concept of Atkin’s diet consist of limiting the intake of carbohydrates and increasing the amount of proteins. Carbohydrates increase the glucose levels in the blood and they are used for providing energy in ready form to the body.

When we eat too much of high glycemic carbs or foods, the excess sugar get deposited in the body in form of body fats. When you keep on consuming carbohydrates which produces more energy than you can use the resulting fat deposits will start showing up on your waist line or the hips depending upon whether you are male or female.

Although high protein and low carbs diets are frequently used by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world for losing weight they can have some adverse affects on your body and you could suffer from constipation.

How High Protein Diets Like Atkins Cause Constipation

Atkins’ dieting was being followed by millions of people since last few decades although the following has come down now.  In Atkins’ diet there are quite a few stages though which the participants go through and the diet changes as participants progress through the diet phases.  The initial phase is known as Induction phase and this where the participants are first exposed to high protein diet first time and they are likely to suffer from constipation.

Why People Suffer From Constipation when Taking High Protein Diets Like Atkins’

Proteins are the most difficult food to digest for the body and it is the food type which helps in body strength and the muscles.  However proteins also produce more amount of toxins.  Carbohydrates create instant energy and are the easiest to digest also but they lead to body fat very easily.  Therefore Atkins’ diet provides more emphasis on protein intensive diet.

What happens however is we are generally more used to carbs in our food and find more satisfaction when we take carbs in form of rice, bread, pastas etc.  Since our childhood we feast on carbohydrates and suddenly when we reduce the intake of carbohydrates and increase the intake of protein our body finds it difficult to adjust to this new diet and the digestion slows down.

The cravings are also present since we do not get the food which we are used to since we are be trying to follow a new diet regime although our body still wants the easy energy carbs diet.  These craving and the new food combination creates new kinds of chemical reactions in your body and the slow down digestion.

Since protein also produces more toxins as compared to other food this makes the elimination much more difficult.

So What is the Solution?

The solution would be increase the protein intake gradually and not to reduce the carbs too quickly.  Start with little more protein as compared to what you are used to and see how your body reacts.  That way your body will be able to adjust to the new diet and gradually be able to adjust on how to digest it and also eliminate it.  One of the ways to approach this diet is to go for foods which are great sources of protein and fiber.   These foods which are good sources of fiber will keep our digestion healthy and prevent constipation.  Some examples of such foods are seeds and nuts like flax seeds, almonds, chia seeds and lima beans.

Once you are able to adjust to this new diet then you can increase the protein intake little more and see how it goes.  After some time you should be able to stick to the diet which you want to follow and you can also escape from the other complications such constipation and also get the benefits from the diet you desire to get.

However you would do well to remember that balancing the diet is important and you should strive to have all components of food including carbohydrates also in the food even if in smaller quantities since we need all the component for over all health and well being.  At the same time if Atkins diet suits you well, then you can just go ahead with this diet.


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