Can Benefiber Reduce Your Appetite

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Benefiber is one of the most popular brands of fiber supplements in the US.  If you take this supplement for weight loss then you are among the hundreds and thousands of people all over the world who think and act similarly.

Fiber in Benefiber

Benefiber is made from wheat dextrin which is a soluble fiber.  Soluble and insoluble fibers can slow down the digestion.  This happens since they can absorb the water or dissolve in the liquid in the stomach and the mass which is formed moves slowly across the intestines.  They also send signal to the brain that you are still full for a longer amount of time.  Due to this the brain does not start the trigger for the eating.

As you feel satiated for a longer time you can last longer without the urge to eat more.  Slower digestion also means that there will not be any sudden spike in the blood sugar levels followed by sudden drop.  Due to this your cravings will also be less which is a major reason people go for wrong kind of diets.

How to Take Benefiber

Benefiber is usually available in powder from which can be added to glass of water, tea, coffee or juice like apple juice.  Some people also add it to yogurt or cereals and like to have them.  If you do not like the powder then you can take tablets or capsules.  You can get more benefits if you take more vegetables and fruits which contain the fiber in natural form as you will also get various nutrients available in them.

General Precautions

In general when starting any supplement you need to increase the quantity gradually.  Also take lots of water as fiber can absorb water.  If you want to if you can take supplements regularly then you can find that information here.

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