Can Diabetes Be Reversed With Fiber and Exercise

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Do you sweat frequently or get tired even without getting involved in too much physical work or exercise?  If this has been happening for quite some time, we would suggest visiting your doctor.  You may be suffering from diabetes.

Adult diabetes is a condition where the blood sugar levels remain higher than expected levels.  Left untreated for a long time it can lead to serious complications.  Traditionally it has been thought that diabetes is a lifetime disease.  However newer research shows that it can be controlled and in certain cases reversed also.  Adult diabetes is also known as Type 2 diabetes.

So How Can We Control Diabetes?

Exercise – We all know the importance of exercise but most of use are still too lazy to do any. The best way would be to take up any activity you enjoy such as swimming or walking and gradually increase it.  If you do not feel like starting tell yourself that you would only do it for 5 minute to 7 minutes.  At the end of 7 minutes you will see that you will not want to stop at that.

Gradually increase it to 20 to 30 minutes and do it for 5 days a week.

When you exercise body release hormones which are beneficial, increase energy and muscles which can absorb sugar from the blood.

Improve Your Diet

If exercise is tough for some people, this is even more tough.  Many people love the taste of fried on their tongue and cannot resist.  Remember if you want to improve your health and control the diabetes you should improve your diet too.  When we say improve the diet, we mean taking more veggies and fruits which are not processed.  Doing this adds minerals and nutrients to our diet and also add dietary fiber.  Dietary fiber slows down the digestion and does not allow the blood sugar levels to rise too quickly.  Dietary fiber also has many other benefits which you can read here.

Dietary fiber make you feel fuller for a long time and decreases your appetite.  Once you feel less hungry you are less likely to eat foods which increase the cravings.

Start slowly with these two simple tips and continue to improve on this.  This site contains few hundred articles on various aspects of dietary fiber in case you want to learn more.  You can browse the article and increase your knowledge and awareness.

Once you follow this advise for few months you will not only surprise yourself but also your doctor.


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