Can Fiber Reduce Chances of Colorectal Cancer

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Fiber consumption has been associated with many benefits.  You may be aware that fiber comes from plant based foods and it is not absorbed by the body.  In that sense it is among the unique foods which benefits us even though it is not absorbed into the blood stream.

The commonly mentioned health benefits of fiber include a healthy heart and lowering of blood sugar.  In recent years researchers are also starting to see positive effects of fiber on Colon and Rectal health.

Latest research published in Gastroentrology magazine in March 2014 mentions that Colorectal Adenoma (CRA) incidences were inversely proportional to the consumption of dietary fiber.

This conclusion was based on 20 other studies on more than 10,000 subjects who had CRA.   They tried to see the relation of CRA on group of people who were on high fiber intake vs low fiber intake. Following were the research parameters by Qiwen Ben and other colleagues from the Shanghai Jiaotong University in China.

Summary Relative Risk (SRR) – .72 with Confidence Interval (CI) – 95%  in a high- vs low-intake analysis and 0.91 (95% CI, 0.87–0.95) per 10-g/day increase in fiber intake in a dose-response model.



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