Can Fiber Rich Food Make You Look Younger

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There are so many health benefits of taking fiber rich foods.  For example as you start adding more fiber to your food you would start noticing that your weight is coming under control, your hunger, which causes you to snack on unhealthy foods is coming down.  When you go for lab reports after a few months you are also likely to see healthier cholesterol levels and quite possibly lower blood sugar levels.

The question is can there be any cosmetic changes you can expect?  For example is it possible that you would start looking younger and have a tighter and smoother skin.  Some research says that is also possible.

Why Fiber Rich Foods Make you Look Younger

fiber helps you look youngerOne of my friends started taking only fruits and raw vegetables for one month.  He would just take fruits in morning, lunch and dinner.  The amount of fruits did not matter.  He would eat depending on the hunger levels.  At the end of a month he noticed that he had lot less grey hair and full of energy.  He has lost weight and felt much more healthier and energetic.  His skin became shinier and looked younger.

Most people may not be having the discipline to just eat fruits for a month, but adding more fiber rich foods do make you younger.  Here is what happens.

The youth hormone we have is called is called Human Growth Hormone (HGH).  This is the hormone which makes the baby skin so soft and beautiful.  When you have this hormone production in good quantity your skin will stay tight and smooth.  By the age of 40 most people lost 60% of HGH what they has when they were 20.  Good news is, it can be increased.

One of the major reason it falls is insulin.  When the insulin rises too fast brain blocks the HGH release.  Insulin rises too fast when we take fast digesting carbs.  So adding more fiber to your foods such as green veggies and beans ensures that the food get digested at a slower pace and the blood sugar levels do not rise too fast.  Similarly eating more protein increases an amino acid called glutamine which boosts HGH.

When you take fiber rich foods such as beans – kidney, lima or black beans, or seeds and nuts such as almonds, sunflower or chia seeds and green leafy vegetables such as spinach or brocolli they provide you both  fiber which block the rapid rise of blood sugar and proteins.  This kind of food increases the release of HGH.

Apart from food there are few other factors which are also important.  They are proper sleep and exercise.  You need to sleep sufficiently to feel fresh.  HGH is released in the night by the brain.  Similarly doing light exercise 4 to 5 times a week, for 30 minutes reduces the cortisol, which is a stress hormone and boosts HGH.

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