Can Increased Fiber Intake Reduce Inflammation in Diabetes?

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Bad food and lifestyle is associated with Metabolic Syndrome which is the cause of diseases such as Heart diseases and Diabetes.  On the other hand when you take healthier foods which are based on more intake of fruits and vegetables your health can improved dramatically within few months.  The major reason is the presence of dietary fiber and proper nutrition when you take the fruits and vegetables.

Recently one such study was done to find out the relation between inflammation which happens in people who suffer from Type 1 diabetes and the effect of fiber intake on inflammation.

They researchers tried to see the levels of high sensitive -C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) when certain types of foods are consumed. When inflammation is high the special type of protein levels increase in the blood stream.   Usually in Type 1 Diabetes patients the inflammation is on the higher side.

They divided the the subjects into two groups and fed more than 20 grams of fiber to one group and less than 20 grams of fiber to the other group.  They found that there was a dramatically difference in the hs-CRP levels in the two groups.  The group which took the fiber had the levels of  0.7 mg/dl and the group which did not take the fiber had levels of 1.9 mg/dl.

Later the first group started having more than 30 grams of fiber while the other group had less than 10 grams.  When this experiment was done it was very clear that there was definitely a major difference in inflammation levels between the two groups.

Full report can be found at

This proves how much difference fiber can make in our health and life.  So we would again encourage you to take more fiber daily.

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