Can Metamucil Be Taken During Pregnancy?

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Hi This is Tanya to answer this question.  One of the health issues ladies face during pregnancy is constipation.  Constipation happens in ladies due to several reasons during the pregnancy.  Some of the reasons are changes in hormones, changes in the body structure and changes in food habit.  We will discus in more details about pregnancy constipation in another article.  One of the good laxatives which is available for solving this problem is metamucil.

Metamucil During Pregnancy

Many ladies have doubts whether they can safely take metamucil during pregnancy.  First thing you need to keep in mind is Metamucil is not a solution just for constipation, it is a fiber.  Fiber is very important during pregnancy and doctors feel that it is safe to take it.  Here are some reasons why it is safe.

1. Psyllium is Food Fiber – Metamucil contains Psyllium which is a food fiber. This fiber is anyway recommended for good bowel movements as well as other health benefits.

2. Metamucil does not interfere with other medications – Since it is a neutral compound it does not interfere with other medications which may be going on.

3. No Chemical Changes in the Body – Metamucil is not absorbed in the body hence it will not cause any changes in the body.

4. Keeps the Bowel Clean – Since the bowel gets cleared as a result of taking Metamucil, you will feel fresh and energetic.

What is the Right Amount of Metamucil for Pregnant Women?

Metamucil During PregnancyMost doctors have no problems with their patients taking Metamucil.  However it is better to talk to your doctor before you start taking Metamucil. The right amount for Metamucil may differ from person to person.  If you are too much constipated you may start with 3 times a day and once the bowel eases out go to once a day and then to once in 2 or 3 days.

It is always better to start with low dose and low frequency and increase it only when that is ineffective.

If you find that even after taking increased dose you do not benefit Metamucil may not be suitable for you.  You can talk to the doctor for other safe alternatives.

Also note that you need to drink lot of water when you take Metamucil so that it can be effective for solving your problem.

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