Can Metamucil or Psyllium Help Clear Arteries

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Can Metamucil Clean ArteryAlthough many people still associate fibers with a type of laxative there are many unexpected benefits of fibers like Psyllium or Metamucil.  One of the many benefits of fibers such as Psyllium is reducing of LDL cholesterol.  You can find one such inspiring story here where in a lady reduced her LDL cholesterol by 16% in 4 months.

How does this story affect you? LDL cholesterol is the bad guy in the world of cholesterol. When the LDL cholesterol remains high it gradually starts getting deposited on the walls of the arteries which carry the blood from the heart to various organs in out body. Gradually these deposited LDL cholesterol start to harden and stick more closely to the walls.  When this happens the diameter of the artery will start reducing which increase the blood pressure and risk of blood clot as well as other heart diseases.

The reverse is also true when you have healthy cholesterol levels. Your arteries will remain healthy and flexible. You will be able to reduce your risk of cardio vascular diseases.

Can Psyllium or Metamucil Help?

Foods which are high in fiber have been found to be useful in reducing LDL cholesterol.  Many doctors however believe that fiber on their own may not be able to clear the arteries of cholesterol. They think that fiber can only be so much effective on its own and you will also require medication or other procedures.

However many practical proofs such as the story mentioned above show that fiber can indeed have a significant influence on the cholesterol levels in your body. When you take pure fiber supplements such as Psyllium, it can act as a sponge and absorb the cholesterol and help you to control its levels.

If your lab reports indicate that your cholesterol levels are into the danger zone, you can definitely try Psyllium or Metamucil.

Apart from fiber, you should also maintain heart friendly habits such as avoiding smoking and regular exercise. If your doctor has prescribed any medicines for keeping cholesterol levels in check you should continue to take those medicines along with Psyllium.

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