Can Metamucil Or Psyllium Help in Blood Sugar Control

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One of the questions which is often asked to us is “Can Metamucil help in controlling my blood sugar?” or “Is Psyllium effective in lowering blood sugar levels?” The answer to both these questions is Yes.

What we are trying to say in plain words is Psyllium can indeed help in lowering blood sugar level after meals.  You may ask how is that possible. It is possible due to the simple fact that Psyllium is a Fiber. So how can a simple fiber such as Metamucil or Psyllium can help control blood sugar levels?

Here is How Psyllium Controls Blood Sugar Levels?

When you take Psyllium fifteen minutes before the meal or within 10 minutes of taking the meal, the fiber mixes with the food in the stomach. Fiber prevents the food and its sugars (broken down from the food)  to be absorbed fast. Since the fiber is not absorbed and it covers the food in the guts the food area exposed to the intestinal walls are less. Due to this, sugar is absorbed slowly into the blood.

When the body absorbs the sugar slowly it can handle it easily and pass it on to the cells which can take them in.  On the other hand when the food is absorbed fast the blood sugar levels rise too fast in the blood stream due to which body is not able to remove them fast enough.  Over long term the cells stop absorbing the excess blood sugar and this is due to a factor called insulin insensitivity.  Gradually this develops into type 2 diabetes.

Taking psyllium before the food has another benefit.  You will feel fuller and take less food as it will reduce your cravings. Taking less food will obviously result in less blood sugar levels.

So if you are considering a great natural option to control your blood sugar levels, you can seriously consider psyllium.

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