Can Psyllium Cause Bloating

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One of the complaints people make after they start taking Psyllium is bloating in the tummy.  So is it true that Psyllium causes bloating.  I am taken Psyllium many times and have not faced this problem.  However everybody is different.  So there are people who may develop bloating on consumption of Psyllium.  Let us see some of the cases when bloating may be caused.

Why Psyllium May Cause Bloating

There are some side effects of Psyllium or metamucil which consists of mainly psyllium.  When we take Psyllium the bacteria in the gut take it as food and consume it.  During that process gas is produced in the gut which causes the bloating feeling.  Usually the psyllium fiber cannot be consumed by the gut bacteria directly.  The fiber gets changed by the digestive juices secreted in the stomach makes it more digestible by the bacteria.

Is It a Serious Problem

It depends from person to person on how they perceive the problem of bloating or flatulence.  However it is more of a socially embarrassing problems instead of any serious medical problem.  In case you have other problems such as stomach pain or rashes then you should discontinue the use of psyllium and contact your healthcare provider.

How To Get Rid of Bloating Caused By Psyllium

If the bloating is seriously bothering you, stop taking psyllium for few days.  Then start again with very small dose.  See how your body adjusts to the small dose.  Take the same amount for some days and see if the bloating returns.  If not then increase your dose further and check for some more days.  For  most people increasing the dose gradually helps in solving the problem since the body starts to adjust.

In some people taking Magnesium supplement has been found to be beneficial in controlling bloating.  In case the bloating returns after taking very small amount of Psyllium then consider stopping its consumption and switching over to some some other fiber such as Benefiber.


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