Can Psyllium Husk Consumption Help in Diabetes

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The biggest health concern with individuals with diabetes is keeping their blood sugar levels constant and under control to avoid any health complications. The natural fibers from psyllium husk can help lower blood glucose levels for individual with diabetes. Psyllium husk is not only helpful with lowering blood glucose levels but has other health benefits for diabetics as well.


The gel like substance that is on the outside of psyllium husk seeds begins to expand when it comes in contact with water. The reaction of absorbing and expanding with water puts the psyllium husk in the soluble class of fiber. Psyllium husk can be taken in the form of loose powder, tablets, capsules or granules. Psyllium husk can treat a variety of symptoms such as high cholesterol, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation and diabetes.

When consuming psyllium husk you must take it with water or it will swell up in the throat and cause damage. To prevent any uncomfortable side effects an individual must consume six to eight glasses of water a day.

Psyllium and Glucose Levels

One of the type of diabetics are those who do not produce enough natural insulin so they have to use insulin to control glucose levels. Another type are those who produce Insulin in sufficient quantities but they are insensitive to insulin. Insulin is released in the blood stream when blood sugar level increase. Psyllium husk can help a diabetic with its natural fiber to help control their glucose levels. A study has shown that when people with diabetes take psyllium husk with breakfast and dinner,  their blood sugar levels were reduced after every meal.

Psyllium and Lipid Levels

Psyllium husk taken by diabetics has the ability to lower the blood lipid levels. A study showed that cholesterol levels dropped down by 8.9 percent and the LDL cholesterol levels dropped down by 13 percent. Psyllium husk taken twice a day can help reduce the LDL cholesterol that causes heart disease and build up in arteries. This is extremely beneficial to diabetics to keep from developing any other health issues.

Psyllium Husk Concerns

Since psyllium husk lowers the glucose blood sugar it is highly recommended to consult you physician before using any pysllium husk product. If an individual is already on medication to lower blood sugar levels then their physician might have to lower their dosage. Diabetics that consume psyllium husk on a daily basis can have a beneficial effect of reducing the amount of diabetes medication. Diabetics need to find a psyllium husk product that has no added sugars so they can have the benefit of their blood glucose levels lowering.  Isabgol is one such product.

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