Can You Take Psyllium Husk Safely with Vitamins

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Psyllium Husk

Psyllium With VitaminsOne the questions asked by many people is whether they can take Psyllium safely while taking Vitamin supplements. Psyllium husk is a natural soluble fiber that comes from the plant called Plantago Ovata. Plantago Ovata develops seeds that are coated in a gel like substance which is called psyllium husk. Since psyllium husk is a soluble fiber it absorbs water and swells, which adds bulk to feces and can relieve constipation or diarrhea. Psyllium husk also has great health benefits such as lowering cholesterol, lowering blood glucose levels and reduces the risk of heart disease.

To keep from having any uncomfortable side effects six to eight glasses of water must be consumed a day. Consulting with your physician is recommended before starting any psyllium husk product.

Psyllium with Vitamins

Psyllium husks expand when it becomes in contact with water then creates a thick gel like substance. If you take vitamins along with psyllium husk can reduce the absorption in the bloodstream. This happens because the fiber mass from the Psyllium will engulf the Vitamin pills in the digestive tract. Due to this the Vitamin cannot come in touch with the intestinal walls properly and the absorption becomes slow.

How to Increase Absorption of Vitamins

If you want to It is recommended to take the vitamins two hours before consuming psyllium husk. This will allow time for the vitamins to be completely absorbed into the body.  Take the vitamins with a small meal or within thirty minutes of eating. It needs to contain a solid food and has no more than 10 grams of fat with a low fiber quantity. Do not ever take vitamins on an empty stomach or with excessive amounts of fats this will decrease the absorption.

If you are an above 50 years old it is recommended to find vitamins that are more easily soluble. Consulting with your physician on proper dosage of vitamins is recommended to intake the proper dose and beneficial to you.

Concerns with Psyllium Husk

Psyllium husk has many great benefits to your health, but if not used properly it can cause discomforts and be harmful. This is way you must consult a physician before starting any psyllium husk products because it can react negatively to certain medicines and can not be suitable to some individual’s health. Severe side effect symptoms can occur when to much psyllium husk is ingested. These side effects can range from vomiting, severe stomach pain, rectal bleeding or severe constipation that last more than seven days. If you experience any of these side effects from taking psyllium husk reporting to your physician immediately is highly recommended.

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