Citrucel Product Review

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Citrucel is yet another popular fiber supplement product in line with metamucil, benefiber and fiber choice.  As per the website of the company ( this fiber product serves the following purpose – “Citrucel® with Methylcellulose Fiber is fiber therapy that gently helps to relieve constipation by restoring and maintaining regularity.”  This means that the primary aim of this product is to help in bowel movements and remove constipation.  Another advantage of this product as compared to other fiber supplement is – it does not produce excess gas unlike other supplements.

In this article we will see in little bit more details about this product.  We will be covering topics such as what is methylcelluose, when you should not take citrucel, how it compares to other products.

Before we go further let us see about its key ingredient which is Methylcellulose.

What is Methylcellulose?

citcucelAs per wikipedia, methylcellulose is a chemical compound which is extracted from cellulose.  Cellulose is an important component of cell wall structure in plant cells.  In fact cellulose if the compound which helps plants to stand tall since it provides the strength to the plants.  In fact cellulose the component which is used to make paper and card boards.

Methylcellulose is a compound which is white in color in its original form.  This compound is attracted to water (especially the cold water) and dissolved in it.  When it dissolves it created a gel like substance.  It is used as thickener and used in many product.  It does not get dissolved in water and usually it is not considered as allergen.

When we consume Citrucel, it creates a bulk hence it is frequently used to relieve constipation.  The bulk in the intestines activates the movement in the intestines called peristaltic movement which helps in eliminating the stool.   It also works by increasing the amount of water in the stool, making the stool softer and easier to pass. Hence this product is used for constipation relief.

When to Avoid Citrucel

Although you are very less likely to be allergic to this compound, still  in case of any allergy to any of the ingredient in methylcellulose you should avoid this compound.

If you have any conditions like appendicitis, difficulty swallowing, intestinal blockage, severe constipation, or rectal bleeding of unknown cause consult your doctor before taking this product.

In What Forms is Citrucel Available

Citrucel is available in three versions which are as follows

  • Orange Mix
    • This is the orange flavored powder which can be consumed with water.
  • Orange Mix Sugar Free
    • This version of Citrucel does not contain sugar but still contains the orange flavor.
  • Caplets
    • Caplets can be consumed as tablet with water.  Many people find it convenient to consume in caplet format as it can be consumed quickly.

How Does Citrucel compare to Metamucil and Benefiber

Citrucel and metamucil are totally different when it comes to ingredients.  Metamucil is based in Psyllium where as Citrucel is based on Metylcellulose.  For more information read article on differences between Citrucel and Metamucil where you will find more details information.

When we compare to Benefiber, the main difference is again the core ingredient.  Wheat dextrin, is the main ingredient in Benefiber.  The functionality is similar to Citrucel in the sense benefiber also absorbs water as it makes its way through the digestive tract. The water it creates allows stool to become softer and larger.  Hence Citrucel can be used as an alternative to Benefiber if you are allergric to wheat dextrin.

How To Take Citrucel

Since Citrucel’s active component is Methyl Cellulose which dissolves well in cold water, it is advised that you take Citrucel with a glass of cold water.  You can also take Citrucel with juices but avoid taking Citrucel with milk or cold drinks.

Citrucel web site says that they do not recommend taking Citrucel with hot water since hot water does not allow the fiber to get mix properly in water and because of that you may not get the entire dose.

How much fiber is there in a Dose of Citrucel

Here is the fiber content in the different flavors of Citrucel.

  • Orange Mix – 1 tablespoon contains around 2 grams of fiber.
  • Orange Mix Sugar Free – 1 tablespoon contains around 2 grams of fiber.
  • Caplets – 4 caplets contains around 2 grams of fiber.

Citrucel Fiber Product Review

I checked on the amazon and found that around 65% of the reviews are 5 star rating which is the highest rating.  Which means that majority of the people are satisfied with this product.  Here are some of the positive and negative reviews.

Positive Reviews

Review 1

Methyl celluose is it then. Works well although a bit pricey. But worrth it because psyllium gives me that bloated gassy feeling which I can live without. I also seem to be able to take less than they reccomend (big surprise there huh). This stuff creates me to have classic movements in b minor. Yeah Motzart

By Howard Gelfman ~ at

Review 2

Years ago, my doctor told me to use Metamucil. The side effect of bloating was quite unpleasant. Citrucel works perfectly, without any bloating or abdominal cramping. Great product!

By morninghater ~

Review 3

I started using this product after suffering from (diarrhea-dominant) IBS for 12 years. Doctors had prescribed countless different medicines, but they all seemed to cause more harm than good. I take two of the 500 mg caplets in the morning and it works wonders. No more cramping or worrying about where the nearest bathroom is. Everyone’s IBS is different, but I would definitely recommend giving this a try, especially if other therapies (like diets, stress management, etc.) hasn’t worked for you. It still seems so silly to me that fiber was the answer, but here I am! I hope this helps others.

By Lisa ~

Negative Reviews

Review 1

I started out with one or two caplets a day for constipation, but had to keep increasing the dosage up to 5 or six a day–which is allowed on the directions. By that point it had the opposite effect. Bowels were so hard and big, it was causing damage and pain. Had to completely stop using this product and can’t recommend it.

Review 2

I personally had severe problems with this product. I suffered from constipation, and this did help with that. However, it did not soften the stools, and I have been noticing increasing pain and bleeding with each bowl movement, as well as intense stomach/intestinal cramping.

If it turns out this is an unrelated issue, I will come back and change my review. However, I have only had this excruciating bowl movements since I started using Citrucel, which is unfortunate. But between constipation and tearing and bleeding, I’ll go with constipation, but hopefully it will not come to that. I will try another fiber alternative that will not cause impactions/cramping.

Edit: I did go to the doctor, and she said I was having impactions, probably due to Citrucel. She told me to try Metamucil instead, but I’m going with a more “natural” approach. I know I said I ate dried prunes before, and while that did work, they have a ton of sugar in them. So now I’m eating lots of other fruits such as berries, green leafy veggies, and whole grains (I already wasn’t eating meat and kicked dairy back out of my diet). There has been NO MORE bleeding, and bowl movements are no longer painful or difficult. Anyone with chronic constipation, I implore you to eating lots of produce and whole grains before going the chemical/pharmaceutical route. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

By Laura ~

Review 3

Why are the other citrucel fiber drinks, other than the orange, no longer being made? Some folks, like me, can’t tolerate the amount of citric acid in the orange brand. There was chocolate and a juice smoothie brand that have been off the market for years now. When I saw this taking place, I purchased 25 containers, and I was glad I did. The stuff lasts forever and I add it to more than just water.

David ~

I found only 2 of the one star review.  The review 3 above is 3 star and main problem is not with the fiber but with the flavor since some people find the citric acid to be a problem for them.


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