Comparision Between Metamucil and Fibermucil

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Metamucil and Fibermucil are two of the popular dietary fiber supplements available in the market.  In this article let us try to find out the similarities and the differences between these two products.


The most important similarity is both the products are based on Psyllium.  Both Metamucil and Fibermucil use Psyllium as the primary ingredient. Psyllium is a plant from which worlds most popular dietary supplement is derived.  This is basically an Indian plant and this fiber is being used in India for many centuries where its benefits have been recognized for a long time.  This is husk is also part of Indian traditional medicine.  Psyllium is a great source of both soluble and insoluble fiber which is a daily need for us and play important role in our health and well being.


Metamucil add flavor and some sweetness to the product so that it can be easily taken by most people.  One of the most popular flavors in metamucil is the orange flavor.  It is also available in different forms such as wafers or tablets apart from powder.  Some of the flavors may not be suitable for people who suffer from high blood sugar problems since sugar is added and then can take the sugar free versions.

Fibermucil contains only psyllium with no additives.  The company also claims that they add prebiotic which helps our digestive tract.  Since many people find it difficult to consume psyllium since its taste is little different, Fibermucil packs it in capsules which is easier to consume.

In our opinion the benefits should be similar for both products.

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