Do You Know These Differences Between Citrucel and Benefiber

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Dietary fiber has many benefits including weight loss, improvement in heart health, constipation and blood sugar control.  Unfortunately despite this fact most people do not consume enough fiber in their daily diet.  Ideally men should consume around 35 grams of fiber and women around 25 to 30 grams of fiber each day.

To fill the gap in fiber consumption many people  consume fiber supplements such as Metamucil, Benefiber or Citrucel.  Let us see how we can compare Benefiber and Citrucel.

Fiber content in Benefiber

Benefiber is primarily made from wheat dextrin which is a soluble fiber.  Two teaspoons of benefiber contains around 3 grams pf fiber.  Benefiber is also available in capsules or fruit flavored chewables.  Each of these contains 1 gram of fiber.  Which means that to get 3 grams of fiber you can take three capsules or chewable.

Fiber Content in Citrucel

Citrucel is primarily made up of cellulose which is a soluble fiber.  Soluble fibers can absorb extra cholesterol and help in controlling the bad cholesterol.  Citrucel comes in Orange flavor.  It also comes in sugar free option.  Each scoop contains 2 grams of fiber.  Each caplet contains half a gram of fiber.

This means that fiber content is lesser in Citrucel when we compare the weight.

Comparison Between Wheat Dextrin and Cellulose

Wheat Dextrin which is major content in Benefiber is soluble fiber and it get fermented when the gut bacteria tries to digest it.  In that process gas is produces which can cause flatulence.  This process also means that a signal is sent to the brain that we are full and may not feel hungry for longer time and it also helps in better mineral absorption.

Citrucel contains mainly cellulose which is tougher for bacteria to digest.  Cellulose is produced in the outer cell walls of plants. Since it is more difficult for bacteria to digest chances of gas and bloating are less.   This finding was published by Formula Medical Group.

Care You Need To Take

Before you take any fiber supplements it is always better to ask your doctor.  This becomes more important when you are taking any medications as these supplements may interfere with medicine absorption.  If you are not used to taking fiber in diet or fiber supplements then increase very slowly.  For example do not increase by more than 5 grams a week and take sufficient amount of water.

When you are thinking about taking fiber supplements also consider taking more fiber containing foods which are primarily plant based foods as they also contain other nutrient apart from fiber.

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