Do You Need More Fiber Than What Is Recommended

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In recent decades prevalence of Cardiovascular diseases have increase many fold.  Many of us come to know about relatively young people who suffer from heart attacks.  I am sure you also must have heard about someone with heart trouble below the age of 50.  For most people this can be attributed to taking more refined food and taking lesser quantity of fiber compared to our previous generation.

When we try to find any information regarding fiber you would usually see that experts usually recommend around 30 grams of fiber every day.  The fact is most Americans take around 10 grams of fiber per day which is way below the recommended dose.

The Surprising Finding

fiber helps you control bad cholesterolIf you think that 10 grams of fiber is too less, wait for my next sentence.  In one of the clinical research done  by University of California, on a group of 13 people, one half of the group was given a very dose of fiber.  They were administered around 50 grams of fiber which is very high compared to the standard recommendation.  The other group was given around 25 grams of fiber.

The important fact here is both the groups were not given any fiber supplements.  They were given this fiber in form of natural food.  So what was the result.

After just 6 weeks it was found that the group of people taking high fiber diet reduced their bad cholesterol by around 13%.  Isn’t this wonderful.

So if you are dependent on  Statin for controlling your bad cholesterol, we would recommend taking more fiber along with your medicine.  You will soon see that your cholesterol levels are back to normal and your heart is much more healthy in matter of few weeks to months.

Here is another story of reducing cholesterol by 16% by a person who was on metamucil.


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