Few Old and New Citrucel Advertisements

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In this article let us see some interesting advertisements by Citrucel.  Citrucel is among the popular choice of fiber in the market along with Metamucil.  The main difference between Metamucil and Citrucel is the type of fiber content.  Metamucil contains insoluble fiber where as Citrucel contain soluble fiber.

Let us see some commercials from Citrucel.

1. First one is a 1998 advertisement of Citrucel which mentions that Psyllium ferments in the guts and produces gas while Citrucel does not ferment and it does not produce gas.

Here is one more advertisement with the same message.

2. This funny advertisement shows a balloon blowing up due to gas produced by Psyllium based fiber supplement such as Metamucil.

3. The next advertisement talks about Citrucel soft chews and how explains their benefits such as convenience, taste and how easy it is to carry them. It also explains on how to get some discounts by going to their web site.

As we saw above the main benefit Citrucel is trying to sell is that it does not produces gas.  The truth is you need both types of fiber – Soluble and Insoluble.  So if you want to get some fiber supplement, take a mixture of both types.  That way you will be able to maintain the right balance.


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