Fiber Smart Product Review

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Fiber Smart is a fiber supplement produced by the same company which produces Organic Triple Fiber supplement product.  Although this product is also a fiber supplement similar to Triple Fiber, the major difference is this product contains mainly flax seed fiber as compared to flax, oat and acacia fiber present in Triple fiber product.

Fiber smart is made from organic flax seed fiber along with It is particularly suitable for people who have sensitive colon.  Although it is marketed mainly as a product for bowel regularity it also contains other ingredients such as Triphala and glutamine as well as probiotics which can help you in maintaining a good digestive system, cholesterol control and regular bowel movements.  At the same time you also get benefited by Vitamin C in Triphala which improves your immune system.

Fiber smart contains relatively softer fiber as compared to psyllium.  It is great product for those people who are sensitive to fiber supplements and suffer from common side effects such as bloating, cramps and pain.  The fact that it is great for people with sensitive digestive problem and relieves from occasional constipation is the main USP of this product.

Here are some of the positive attributes of this product –

  • GMO free and organic ingredients.
  • Sugar free with no artificial sweeteners.
  • Wheat and gluten free.
  • Corn and yeast free.
  • It contains Triphala which is a great herbal anti oxidant.
  • Glutamine in Fiber smart helps in maintaining a healthy digetive system.

There are other attributes also mentioned in the product website at  You can review them there.  Just like the Triple Fiber supplement people who are allergic to gluten or corn and still need fiber supplement can consider this product

What are the ingredients in Fiber Smart

fiber smart product reviewIn terms of fiber there is just one fiber present in fiber smart. The fiber is flax fiber.  The fiber in these three products help promote regularity, relieve occasional constipation, and help eliminate toxins from the digestive tract. Fiber smart is a non-cramping, psyllium free formula.  Hence people who do not like Psyllium based product such as metamucil may consider this product.

Ingredient 1 – Flax Fiber

Our body needs both soluble and insoluble fiber.  Usually it is difficult to find any one food that contains both types, except for flax seeds.

Flax Seeds in Triple FiberFlax seeds are high in both: soluble and insoluble fiber, making flax seeds one of the best no-fuss ways and most effective healthy additions to your diet. One tablespoon of ground flax seeds contains 2 grams of fiber, and you can easily incorporate several tablespoons of the ground seeds in your diet throughout your busy day.

Not only are flax seeds rich in fiber, but also in the essential omega 3 fatty acids, namely alpha-linolenic acid or ALA.

Flax seeds contain 54% omega-3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids found in flax seeds have an anti-inflammatory effect in the body, which are responsible for the seeds’ scientifically backed reputation in alleviating symptoms associated with arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and even eczema and other skin problems.

Flax seed reportedly is a rich source of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA)‚ dietary fiber‚ and other nutrients. It also contains lignans which appear to provide antioxidant protection to the cells of your body and promote your general wellness. Flax seed may also support certain facets of heart health‚ burn body fat‚ and improve digestion.

Ingredient 2 – L-Glutamine

Fiber smart also contains glutamine.  Glutamine is the most abundant free amino acid in the body. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein.  Glutamine is produced in the muscles and is distributed to the organs that need it through the blood.

Glutamine helps in improving gut function and improves digestive function. It is also used for various conditions such as diarrhea and constipation which may be caused due to various conditions including chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant. It also immune system, and other essential processes in the body, especially in times of stress. It is also important for providing “fuel” (nitrogen and carbon) to many different cells in the body. Glutamine is needed to make other chemicals in the body such as other amino acids and glucose (sugar).

Ingredient 3 – Guar Gum Seed

Guar gum is a polysaccharide which is primarily used in food industry as thickening agent to increase the viscosity of foods such as ice cream and bakery items.  It is a good source of soluble dietary fiber.  It contains around 80% of soluble fiber based on weight.

Ingredient 4 – Probiotic Blend

Contains a blend of three probiotics L.acidophilus‚ B.bifidum‚ B.infantis.  Probiotics helps in feeding us with friendly bacteria which helps in improving the digestive health. Probiotics are usually used to treat bowel problems (such as diarrhea, irritable bowel), eczema, vaginal yeast infections, lactose intolerance, and urinary tract infections.

Ingredient 5 – Triphala

Triphala is one of the most potent herbal powder available.  It is made of three herbal powder from himalayan region.  This is used in Ayurveda for treating variety of ailments including constipation for thousands of years.  Triphala is derived from the following three fruits: amla, haritaki and bibhitaki. Dried powder from these three medicinal plants are mixed in equal parts to make a proper triphala powder (or churna).

Regular consumption of Triphala helps in treating diseases of intestines, reduces bad cholesterol, increases the strength of intestinal muscles so that it can contract and expand properly and remove the stool from the intestines.  It is also high in Vitamin C which is a potent anti oxidant and help in improving immune system.

Ingredient 6 – Stevia Extract

Stevia extract is used for increasing the sweetness of the fiber smart product.

What are the different flavors of Fiber Smart

Fiber smart is not present in different flavor but it is presented in different form.  The options available for Fiber smart are Capsule and Powder.

How Much Fiber is Present in One Serving of Fiber Smart

Since Fiber smart is present in two forms, both of them have different amount of fibers.  Here are the details –

Fiber Smart Powder   – 1 Scoop which contains around 11 grams has around 4 grams of fiber (1 grams soluble and 4 grams insoluble fiber).

Fiber Smart Capsule   – 5 Capsules which contains around 2 grams of fiber (0.6 grams soluble and 1.4 grams insoluble fiber).

Both of these contains few grams of protein and 1 gram of fat per serving.

What is the Recommended Triple Fiber Dose

Many people feel that they suffer from cramps when they start taking 5 capsules at a time in the beginning.  Some others may suffer from diarrhea in the beginning.  Hence it is always better to start with one or two capsules.  Once you get used to it you can gradually increase the dose.  Once adjusted you can take either take one scoop twice a day or 5 capsules twice a day.

What Are Fiber Smart Side Effects

I tried to find side effects face by users of Fiber smart but could not find any complaints related to side effects.  However there is a generic warning for fiber products which is that the most common adverse effects of dietary fiber are minor gastrointestinal symptoms.  When sufficient water is not taken it can cause chocking.

Fiber Smart Review

I checked the review for Fiber Smart at from the buyers.  I saw almost all the feedback as positive.  Most people found that their bowel movements improved after taking fiber smart and also they got rid of constipation.

Here are some of the positive reviews –

For me, I’m pretty healthy and this is awesome for bloating, gas, and morning movements! I take this every night for 2 weeks at a time (2 weeks on, skip the next 2). I get a bloated stomach easily, and I’ve depended on this for 6 months now to keep my symptoms away. I take it the week before and during my cycle to prevent constipation a belly bloat. Be aware that you might experience slight cramping from the triphala, but not nearly as bad as taking straight triphala on it’s own. It’s not painful either, but I do notice the grumbling. I’m glad to get that gas poppin!

By Julliane ~

I love that it combines ingredients that will cleanse the liver and promote better liver function – and I am really impressed that with a healthy dose of fiber it does not: bloat my stomach or give me that “uncomfortable full” that other products give you – Also – most of us are reluctant to take anything that might have us heading for the bathroom every half hour – This doesn’t -It also has ingredients that are for healing a “leaky gut” – all good things without feeling uncomfortable – So I gave it the full 5 stars because it is everything I wanted and now I will see how it “heals/mends” my digestive issues

Sunny ~

I love this product and have been taking it every night for years. I think it’s very important to keep everything moving smoothly every morning and this helps keep me feeling good and cleaned out every day.

Amy ~

Here are some of the negative reviews –

Most of the negative reviews are related to taste and how it compares to the previous version or other products from the same company renew life.  Some customer did not find any visible benefits after consuming renew life.

the product is fine, but for less money, I switched to organic chia seeds and ground flax seed. I just couldn’t justify using the tablets as it takes 5 capsules to get the same amount of fiber in non-capsulated products.

SK ~

have to take too many pills several times a day to do any good. Liked the powder much better.

m & m ~

Used to be a great product but has been reformulated/changed twice(???) by new owner of renew life. Bottle used to contain 3G of fiber/serving and borage seed but now it contains 2.5g fiber and no borage. It’s a “fiber” supplement with only 2.5g total of fiber. Very expensive for minimal fiber. The old bottles also stated “made in USA” which I can’t find on the new label. VERY disappointing bc I depended on this stuff for a long time…it was the best, most gentle product I’d ever tried for constipation. Now I’m mixing my own organic flax, FOS powder, prebiotic powder, and guar gum powder which actually provides more fiber than fiber smart.

We did not like the taste and we noticed no marked improvement in digestion/elimination. We drink plenty of water and exercise. We will simply improve our veggie and fruit intake and reduce biding foods like animal protein and breads to achieve the ideal results we are looking for. We, admittedly, ordered too much takeout during the winter, and so our nutrition was lacking. This product will not and should not make up for what you lack in those departments. Plus, well, the taste. I’m hoping they can reformulate and come out with a better product.

Lew ~

Is Fiber Smart Gluten Free

Since Fiber smart does not contain any wheat product or it is not produced in facility contains wheat it is considered as gluten free.

Usually natural fiber products are considered safe during pregnancy for relief of constipation.  This product contains fiber from organic flax seeds which is considered safe during pregnancy. At the same time it is better to talk to your doctor before you take any fiber supplement product including Fiber smart.  Their website also mentions that you should be consulting your healthcare provider if you are considering this product for constipation during pregnancy.


Take lot of water when you take fiber smart since the insoluble fiber in this product absorbs water and creates bulk.  This can sometimes cause blockage and constipation.  You may also get chocked if the sufficient water or juice is not taken with this product.

Consult your physician before using this or any product if you are pregnant‚ nursing‚ trying to conceive‚ taking medication or have a medical condition such as ulcers.

Do not consume this fiber supplement if you difficulty swallowing‚ acute cough or obstructed bowel as it can cause blockage or other health issues.

Advantages of Fiber Smart over Metamucil

Fiber smart does not contain Psyllium since the fiber source is flax seeds.  Therefore you are less likely to suffer from bloating of belly.  Another advantage is it is easier to consume as many people do not like the taste of Psyllium which can form gel like formation. Fiber smart is available in capsule form which is very easy to consume.

The best part which I like about Fiber smart is that it is organic product which means it is totally non GMO and without any harmful pesticides.  Since it contains Triphala you also get anti oxidant from this product.  Apart from this another major advantage is presence of probiotics and glutamine which can play a vital role in improving the digestive and overall health.  At the same time you also get the benefits of fiber from the flax seeds and guar gum seeds.

Since Fiber smart contains flax seed fiber, it also supplies omega3 fatty acid and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA)‚ dietary fiber‚ and also contains lignans.

Differences Between Fiber Smart and Metamucil

Here are the key differences between Fiber Smart vs Metamucil

Content – Metamucil is created from Psyllium fiber while Fiber Smart’s fiber content is derived from the flax seeds.  Fiber Smart also contains Triphala, probiotics and glutamine.

Organic Product – Fiber smart is a organic and non GMO product.  Metamucil does not make any such claims.

Flavors – Metamucil is available in many flavors such as Orange, berry and Cinnamon.  Fiber smart is not present in other flavors although stevia extract is added for sweetness.

Form – Metamucil is present in powder, capsule and wafers form while Fiber smart is present in powder and capsule form.

Fiber Type – Metamucil contains soluble fiber while Fiber smart contains both soluble and insoluble fiber.

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