Gum Acacia or Fibregum May Be Good For People With IBS

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a problem which is face by many people all over the world. Although the exact reasons are still debatable most common opinion is it is caused by irritation in the bowels due to some food or sometimes some medications which can cause either loose stools or constipation. The people who suffer from IBS have bowels which are more sensitive than average person and behave badly when it comes in contact with certain irritants.

The Good News

Recently a study was done by Environmental Microbiology, and the report mentions that the Gum Acacia may be helpful for IBS patients. They compared how the two products behave and move in the colon, the part of our intestines. The products chosen were Fibregum soluble dietary fiber which is based in Gum Acacia and Fiber fructo-oligosaccharide (FOS) which is a well-known prebiotic product. Prebiotics are foods which supply good bacteria into the guts and make the digestive system healthier. They found that FOS boosted fermentation in the ascending colon while Fibregum fermented more in the transverse and distal colon.

Most IBS patients face irritation in the ascending colon. Since Fibregum does not ferment in the ascending colon, rather in the distal and the transverse colon and moves slowly through these colon portions, it is more suitable with people with IBS or digestive organ discomfort or those who have fructose malabsorption.

The better news is FDA allowed up to 35% percent Gum Acacia in food products. This means that even FDA is convinced about the benefits of dietary fiber and how good a source is Acacia Gum as a source of dietary fiber. Nexira is the company which is the manufacturer of Fibregum and it expects the demand to boost. Fibregum is a organic product and GMO free which means that it can be used safely by most people.

With this ruling which was announced on December 6th 2013, you can expect your soups and cereal bars to be healthier as manufacturers can also add Gum Acacia in this products. You can also expect to find the mention of Gum Acacia in the ingredient lists.

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