Health Benefits of Insoluble Fiber

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In an earlier article we learnt about benefits of soluble fiber.  In this article we will explore some of the benefits of insoluble fiber.  We saw how soluble fiber improves your hearth health and helps you to reach your weight loss goals.  In this article we will see how insoluble fiber can be equally beneficial.

Health Benefits of Insoluble Fiber

Insoluble fiber improve the peristaltic movements in the intestines and improve the stool bulk.  They also help in improving the Cardiovascular health, but in this regard soluble fibers are better choice.  This kind of fiber makes you feel full and reduces cravings.

Oats FiberInsoluble fibers also reduce the risk of high blood pressure and hence reduce the chances of blood clots.  Blood clots are the primary reasons behind Stroke.  Which means taking insoluble fiber also reduce your chances of Stroke.

They also fight against the inflammation in your body.  Higher rate of inflammation is associated with higher heart disease incidence.

Insoluble fibers are mainly found in Beans, Whole wheat bran, nuts, whole wheat flour and the most famous product Psyllium.

Why Insoluble Fiber is Good For Your Bowel Health?

In an ideal world you would need heavy bulky stool which can move smoothly through your guts and gets eliminated easily.  Insoluble fiber, like Psyllium can absorb lot of water and make the stool bulky and soft.

An Example of a Great Fiber Breakfast

Here is an easy and a really healthy breakfast which contains good amount of fiber and protein.  Take half a cup of Oats and around one cup of Milk.  Take one scoop of Whey protein of any flavor you like.  Heat the milk and mix the Oats and protein powder.  You got a great breakfast.

Have this breakfast for one to two months and when you go for your lab tests next time be prepared to see some fabulous results.  Both protein and fiber help you feel full and reduces cravings and prevents overeating.  You will get around 5 grams of fiber and do not forget, milk also contains protein.  If you want to increase your fiber intake, add a fresh fruit.  This great combination in the breakfast will reduce your hunger during lunch and bring your cholesterol levels in control. This will help you ease out the extra weight.

One Last Tip : If you want to stick to this diet, just write whenever you eat your breakfast.  Writing about your meal in a small diary everyday will keep on reminding you about your goal and eventually you will be able to develop it into a healthy habit.

Ok One More Tip – Take one Tablespoon of Psyllium husk in the night with milk or water and you will notice even more benefit.

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