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You would have read reviews of many supplements which are either laxatives or fiber supplements on our web site.  This article discusses the various aspects of Fibercon which is one of the popular laxatives.  Fibercon is unique in the sense that it does not contain any fiber but it is still a good option as laxative.

What is Fibercon

Fibercon is a bulk forming laxative.  That means that it can be used to treat constipation.  It is usually used for treating occasional constipation instead of chronic constipation.  However many people who keep on getting constipated have also reported being benefited after its consumption.

The active compound found in Fibercon is Calcium Polycarbophil. Polycarbophil is considered as a synthetic drug which can be useful in treating constipation, diarrhea and discomfort in the abdomen.  When Polycarbophil comes in touch with water it absorbs water and forms a bulk.  Calcium is added to decrease the swelling.  Fibercon also contains inactive components such as caramel, crospovidone, hypromellose, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, polyethylene glycol, silicon dioxide, sodium lauryl sulfate.

What are the benefits of Fibercon

Fibercon ReviewGood thing about Fibercon is it contains Polycarbophil which is helpful in both diarrhea and constipation for IBS patients.  A study was conducted on two groups of IBS patients.  One group of patients were suffering from diarrhea and other group was suffering from constipation.  The group which suffered from diarrhea reported more solid stool formation and reduced frequency of going to toilet.  The other group which suffered from constipation, reported from bowel bowel movement and clear stomach.  Both groups reported improvement in abdomen discomfort condition.

If you are constipation then after taking Fibecon you can expect bowel movements in 12 to 72 hours.

When you are constipated for long time toxins start to accumulate in the body. Once the bowels become regular the toxins gradually flush away from the body and you become more energetic and start feeling healthier.

What Do the Users of Fibercon say?

Many people who suffer from constipation have seen benefits once they started taking Fibercon.  Here are some actual reactions from people who have benefited from Fibercon.

Lacole suffered from constipation due to IBS for years.  She used to go to toilet only once in 10 to 14 days.  She started taking Fibercon – 2 tablets in the morning and 1 before dinner.  With in 2 days she had the urge to go to bathroom.  Since then she is having daily bowel movements and she is taking Fibercon regularly.

Laura used to go to bathroom only twice a week ever since she was a teenager.  She had painful bowel movements and sometimes had blood coming out.  Her mom brought her a bottle of fibercon and she noticed almost immediate benefit.  She started having almost daily bowel movements.  One of the side effects she noticed was gas formation.

Richard also had positive experience using this product.  He started using this product on advice of his doctor.  Richard was looking for a product which could be taken regularly.  Richard finds this product useful and convenient since it does not needs to be dissolved in any liquid  It can be taken with a glass of water.  He mentioned that he takes it 2 hours after his medications so that there is no interference.

Here are reactions from some people for whom Fibercon was not that great an experience.

Jaye had diverticulitis and his doctor recommended Fibercon.  However he did not find any significant improvements in his condition.

Gary ordered Fibercon for his mom, but she liked the options which dissolve in water as she wanted more flavor.  She did not continue taking them

For Sharon, the caplets worked fine but she found them to be too expensive for her liking.

These reactions are available in Amazon in the fibercon page.  In case you want to see more reactions you can click here to read more reactions.

What are the side effects of Fibercon

Like other bulk forming laxatives, Fibercon also has tendency to form gas in many people.  Some people can also suffer from cramps or discomfort in the abdomen.  However for most people the discomfort are minimal.

What are the precautions while taking Fibercon

Like most other laxatives Polycarbophil also works when taken with lot of water.  Usually 8 oz or one full glass of water should be taken with it to get the desired results.

More than 8 caplets should not be taken in 24 hour cycle.

Although many people take Fibercon for long interval of time, if you want to take Fibercon for more than 7 days then you should consult your doctor.

If sufficient amount of water is not taken then it may cause chocking since Fibercon tends to expand.  If you have small food pipe or esophagus or tend to vomit easily then you should avoid this product.

In case you notice some unusual symptoms after taking Fibercon, like breathlessness, too much sweating or chest pain then consult the doctor.

If you start bleeding from the rectum after taking Fibercon you should stop taking it. 

If you have past history of blockages in the intestines of ulcer in the stomach you should ask your doctor before starting Fibercon.

Where can you purchase Fibercon

The most convenient way to purchase Fibercon is either purchase it at your local store or purchase online.

If you are interested in other options or laxatives Citrucel is one of them.  You can read the review here.

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