High Fat High Fiber Foods Lead To Fat Loss

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Until recently low fat food was considered a healthy food option.  Almost all major recommendations tried to persuade people to eat as less fat as possible.  These experts including many government agencies told the general public that high fat foods leads to many diseases such as obesity, heart diseases, high bad cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.

Through out the last two decades we have regularly seen many recommendations in news and magazines about how we should avoid fatty foods as they can clog up the arteries and promote obesity and being the most likely reason for heart disease.  Sadly many of these recommendations caused the exactly opposite effect.  Many people stopped eating fats including healthy fats and still got heart disease.  The main reason is they continued eating refined carbohydrates and other bad foods which raise the blood sugar levels quickly such as rice, cakes, ice creams and pasta.

Many people stopped eating the egg yolk although that contains many minerals and beneficial for us.

However in recent years, totally opposite findings are coming out.  Recent finding tells us that promoting low fat food did not have any scientific basis.  In fact right kind of fat causes weight loss and also does not cause any health problems mentioned above.

Refined Carbs are Bad for You

AvocadoNow the nutritionist and doctors are telling people to avoid refined carbs and sugar.   For example white rice, pasta, foods made from refined flour cause almost immediate increase in blood sugar levels and it cause many problems including inflammation.  Other problems include insulin insensitivity which leads to diabetes and other metabolic syndromes such as obesity and high blood pressure.

What Happens When You Take Healthy Fats in More Quantity

Healthy fats on the other hand does not lead to immediate increase in blood sugar level.  Healthy fats are Ghee and butter from grass fed cow.  They also include Olive oil and coconut oil, nuts such as almonds and fish oil.  When you take more quantity of healthy fats and very limited amount of fast absorbing carbohydrates mentioned above, in your food body goes into ketosis state.  In this state your body starts using fat as source of energy instead of glucose. This means that the body starts burning fat for energy.   This helps in increased rate of fat burn and improved metabolism.

Many people who take very low quantity of carbs (around 20 gms per day) and take high fat foods, experience ketosis.  As a result of ketogenic diet you will gain health benefits in metabolic syndrome disease.

Why Are Fats Healthy Food

The main reason fats are healthy is the way different types of foods raise the blood sugar levels.  There are three type of macro nutrients – Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats.  Out of these Carbohydrates raise the blood sugar levels the fastest and fats raise the blood sugar levels the slowest and gradually.  Most of the lifestyle diseases are directly or indirectly caused by high levels of sugar in the blood.  Since fats raise the sugar very slowly body gets enough time to absorb them and blood sugar levels are not elevated.

Fiber rich carbs also help in keeping the blood sugar levels lower and since they are present in food mostly present in their natural form, they also provide other nutrients such as Vitamins and minerals.

Which Are The Bad Fats

Not all fats are good.  Fats which are hydrogenated are called trans fat.  You should avoid them at all cost.  In fact they cause your body to product free radicals which are the cause of inflammation and many diseases.  Try to avoid vegetable oils such as canola oil as they can go bad while frying and cooking at high temperature.  At high temperature their chemical strucure breaks down and causes your harm.  Go for oils such as coconut oil and ghee for cooking and add Olive oil to Salads.

Should you Avoid all Carbs Then?

The key is to avoid processed carbs, especially the refined flour and white rice.  Carbs when part of most natural foods such are fruits and vegetable are not that bad.  In fact fiber in these foods aid digestion and also clean up the body by throwing out the waste more easily.

Many vegetables such as spinach, broccoli and other colorful fruits and vegetables are full of anti oxidants which help us in being healthy.  Seeds and nuts are vital source of essential and healthy fats as well as vitamins, omega 3 and fiber which keep us healthy apart from proteins.

So What is recommended as Per Latest Medical Research?

You should take sufficient amount of healthy fats such as coconuts, avocados, olive oil, lentils, nuts, ghee and real butter, from grass fed animals, fish and grass fed animal meats as well as various combinations of fresh fruits and vegetables.  You can have these in large quantities which will keep you full and healthy at the same time.

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