How A Food Waste Increases The Fiber Content of Bread

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Usually wine making leads to lot of wastage of grapes.  However a team from Oregon State University has come up with a great idea to turn this wastage into something useful.  They used the pressed grapes skin and seeds from both red grapes and the white grapes to fortify the flour used in making breads and many other baked products.

It was found that fortifying the baked products with grape skin and pressed seed led to a great increase in Phenolic and dietary fiber content.  It also increased the anti oxidant properties of such products.  Once the natural fiber content increases in any food it increases the blood sugar levels slowly.  It also reduces the harmful effects of refined flour breads.

They found that they could easily increase the dietary fiber by around 20%.  The breads and muffins also had a increase in Polyphenolic content significantly.

These bio-active compound made these baked good healthier and also helped in utilizing the waste from wine making process thus reducing the cost and wastage which is known as wine pomace.

Researches say that majority of the Polyphenols and the fibers are present in the skin of the grapes.   They found that breads when fortified to 10% with wine pomace lead to increase in dietary fiber by up to 30% which is a really great.  Similarly muffins when fortified to the same extent saw an increase of around 15% dietary fiber and 150% of Polyphenols.  Brownies also gained similar amounts of fiber and polyphenols.

How Is The Taste  and Texture Affected?

Major concern for bakery goods manufacturers is how the fortifications with impact the taste.  After all if the taste changes drastically it may not be acceptable to the consumers.  Researchers found that adding 5 % pomace in bread, 10% in muffins and 15% in brownies did not significantly change the taste of these products.  Consumer did not find any significant change in taste.

However researchers did find that these changes were perceptible.  There was also change in the colou and texture with the products become reddish or darker in color which can put off some consumers.  However they recommended educating the consumer about the health benefits of consuming such baked items which will not only win back the consumers, but also find more consumer coming into the fold.

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