How A Girl Reduced 20 Pounds With Fiber

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In the previous article we saw how a girl lost 20 pounds with the help of diet regimen and Metamucil fiber.  In this article let us try to analyze in little more detail on why she was successful in losing the extra weight.  If you have not seen it yet, I recommend that you see the video here.

Let us see what she did and how that helped.

Took around 5 to 6 small meals a day – When you divide the meals into multiple small meals, you do not over eat and more aware of what you are eating.  Small meals do not let your blood sugar levels too quickly unless you take a very bad calorie dense meal.  When the blood sugar levels rise too fast, body removes them from the blood and deposits as fat which is the primary reason for weight gain.

Took more fruits and nuts as snacks – In the snacks which were part of the meals she took throughout the day, she took fruits and nuts around twice a day.  Fruits and nuts are good source of dietary fiber and good for preventing excess weight.  Remember that some fruits such as apples are more beneficial.

Metamucil – She took Metamucil Orange and Metamucil Clear regularly which is a proven way to reduce weight for most people.  Metamucil is a fiber supplement which is primarily composed of Psyllium.  Psyllium fiber forms bulk and absorbs excess fat and cholesterol.

Good Amount of Water – Water intake is a very important part of a healthy living.  After all, more than 70% of our body consists of water.  When you take more water, body stays healthy and fresh and cravings get reduced.

Good Amount of Sleep – Around 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night is recommended for most people.  Sound sleep ensures the healing and balances the hormones and proper functioning of the body.  Many times weight gain happens when hormones and the glands are not functioning properly.  Sleep and rest and work wonders.

As we saw, all the factors mentioned in the video together combine to help in reducing weight gain and restore health.  The above tips can help you also in taking control of your health and body weight.

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