How Apples Can Help you in Constipation and Digestive Problems

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Apple is Good FiberThere is a simple fruit which may be lying in your dining area right now which may be the solution to many of your health problems including Constipation and hyper acidity.  In fact this fruit is so common that we tend to ignore its beneficial properties a lot of time.

If we eat this fruit regularly not only will we be able to avoid costly visits to doctors and purchase costly medicines, laxatives and antacids we will also be able to maintain good health naturally.  The fruit is nothing else but the humble Apple.

Uses of Apple in Constipation Relief

Apple is one of the best daily fruits which is useful in many gut problems including constipation.  The best part is apple can be taken by people of all age groups right from young children the elderly people.  Later on in this article I will discuss how you can give apple in digestible form to babies and people who have trouble chewing off apples.  Before that let us see what are its benefits.

Various Health Benefits of Apples

Apples are good sources of many nutrients and minerals.  They are also great sources of natural food fibers.  Here are some great benefits of apples.

1. Constipation Relief – Eating apples regularly is one of the best and natural ways to avoid constipation.  Apple contain fiber called pectin which is useful in constipation relief since fibers can absorb water and make the stool bulky and prevent hardening of the stool which is one of the causes that can worsen the constipation problems.

Apples also contain water content which keeps your skin fresh especially if you do not take sufficient water on day to day basis.  The best part is apples can be taken in variety of ways which are described below.

2. Controls Hyper Acidity – Not many people may be aware of this but apples are extremely effective remedy for acid reflux also known as hyper acidity.  If you suffer from hyper acidity problem start taking apple at night time.  You will see that you acidity problems will be reduced dramatically with a few days.  This is a natural cure for one of the most common problems and way better than many of the drugs which are available for hyper acidity.

3. Provides Food Fiber – As mentioned above apple provide food fiber in natural form.  Apart from its role in constipation relief food fiber also plays important role in generation of various vitamins and other enzymes in your body.

So how does that happen?

What happens is when the fiber reaches the intestines, the bacteria which are naturally present in our body act on the fibers and produce many useful enzymes such and other by products such as Vitamin E.  Hence fiber plays important role in our health.

4. Provide Vitamin C – Apples also contain Vitamin C though not in comparable quantities such as oranges and Amla.  Nevertheless it is a good source of Vitamin C which help in maintaining good health and also get rid of free radical which cause aging and sometimes cancer.

5. Helps Control Obesity – Apples are filling when we eat them and not as calorie loaded as most prepared food.  So if we eat them as part of the meal we will definitely eat less of calorie dense foods which helps in controlling weight problems.  Another advantage is eating apples ensures we are eating the food in more natural form as compared to prepared food and that is almost always a better choice.

Apple can be taken in multiple forms and each of them may be suitable for different kind of people of age groups.

Some forms in which You can eat apples

1. Raw and Cut Apples – Most common form in which apples are consumed is the raw form.  In this form the apples retain all their nutritive values and best for consumption.  However remember to wash the apples thoroughly since many times pesticides are sprayed on the apples to save them from the pests.  If you are not sure if the pesticides would be gone after washing then you can peel the skin.

Usually washing with warm water for few minutes are good enough to wash off any thing which may be sticking on the apple including pesticides.  This is also the best form of apple to eat if you want to control your weight gain.

2. Juice Form – Many people like to have apple juice instead of raw apple as it is easier to drink rather than eat the apple.  Apple juice acts quickly on constipation and provides quick relief.  The best form of juice would be the home prepared juice since it would not contain artificial sweeteners and preservatives which may cause problems for people with diabetes and weight problems. You can drink around 1 glass of juice everyday for good health.

3. Mashed Apple – Apples can also be taken in mashed form as it is easier to eat for people without teeth or for babies.  For preparing mashed apples peel the apples and cut it into four pieces and then boil it in low heat.  The water should not be too much.  Check the apples periodically to see if it is soft.  Once it becomes soft then add little sugar and mash it with a spoon and boil it in slow heat for 5 to 10 minutes.  Once done you can give this nutritious food to babies or elderly and provide then nutrition as well as solve constipation problem.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar – Apple Cider Vinegar is fermented form of apple juice which is then distilled and it is traditionally used in many home regularly for many health benefits for generations.  It has many health benefits including constipation relief, sinus relief and improvement in general immunity.

5. Dried Apples – Dried apples are also liked by many people.  Usually dried apples have longer shelf life and can be kept for a long time.  They serve as good and healthy snacks since they are good sources of dietary fiber, contain anti oxidant properties and proper balance of sodium and potassium which help in maintaining proper blood pressure.

Giving apples regularly to young children keeps then healthy and active and if you give it to elderly it can help control constipation and hyper acidity at the same time.  So I would highly recommend this fruit to be taken regularly since we can easily maintain good digestive health with the help of this fruit in cheap manner.

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