How Dietary Fiber Works

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We are constantly on lookout for information on nutrition, fiber and effects of various foods on our health.  I came across this video on youtube which explains the concept of dietary fiber in a very concise manner.  We thought of sharing this video since many times it is easier to understand a concept when the information is presented in video format instead of text format.  We are also providing links to articles related to this video in case you need to refer to them.

Here are some of the topics explained in this video –

We constantly see videos of beautiful and fit people who fiber supplements or fiber rich products.  So should we all go to pharmacy and buy lots of fiber?

What actually is dietary fiber and what is source of fiber at the cellular levels.  What is hydrolysis. Why fiber should be included in your diet.

In which part of the body is dietary fiber fermented?

Is fiber present in animal meat or dairy products?

Who said dietary fiber is good for you over 2000 years ago?  When did the modern medicine start recommending dietary fiber for heart disease?

What are the three main diseases or conditions in which dietary fiber can benefit you?

How fiber reduces blood cholesterol levels by acting on the bile acid.

How many apples or bananas do you need to eat to get enough fiber for the day?  Or for that matter how much broccoli can meet your fiber requirements. Another question which comes to mind is should we eat just one type of food to get all out fiber needs or should we diversify?

Why you should replace meat with Lentils once a week.

All these useful and interesting information can be found in this short video.  Have a look.


After watching this video if you are interested in some simple recipes which contains high fiber here are some recommendations –

Some Fiber Rich Recipes



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