How Do Eskimos Stay Healthy Without Fiber

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Eskimos or Intuits are people who are hunters and gatherers who stay in various countries near the northern pole.  These people are primarily meat eaters and do not eat vegetables and fruits as they hardly have and vegetation in the area they live.  They are forced to hunt and eat sea animals such as Seals, Whales, fishes and Caribou.  The surprising part is they have been found to have lower instances of heart diseases than people in western countries.  In fact they do not suffer from many modern diseases.  How do we explain this?

How Do Eskimos Stay Healthy Without Fiber

The question which may pop up in your mind is how do these people stay healthier although they do not take any plant based foods which keep us healthy.  The answer to this question needs some background on the exact foods these people have.

We need protein, fats and carbohydrates as the three primary nutrients for energy and other vital functions of the body.  We also need Vitamins and minerals which are not produced in our body.  In addition we need fiber to keep the digestive system healthier and also keep the heart healthier.

Intuits consume animal meats which are wild.  They hunt and eat the meats.  They do not eat the meats of farm raised animals.  Scientists have observed that there is lot of difference in meats of farm raised animals as compared to wild animals.  Farm raised animals contain more saturated fats which can hurt your heart health where as wild animal fats contain monounsaturated fats which are good for us.

They use the seal fats to cook their food.  They also eat fishes.  These are rich sources of Omega 3 fatty acids which keep our hearts healthy.  Western population uses refined vegetable oils which are source of Omega 6 fatty acids which are not good for us.  We usually consume around 20 times Omega 6 as compared to Omega 3 fatty acids.  Ideally the ration should be 1:1.

They also get all their vitamins from the liver of the animals which contain the fats.  So fat dissolving vitamins are sourced from there.  The Seal and whale skin contains Selenium which protects them from diseases like Cancer.

Fiber helps in now allowing the blood sugar to rise too rapidly on consumption of carbohydrates.  Since they do not take carbohydrates they do not have sudden high increase in blood sugar levels.  Constant high level of blood sugar can lead to diabetes.  They get their energy from fats instead of carbohydrates.

Should We Follow Similar Diet

Intuits have been living for thousands of years on similar diet and their body has adapted to this kind of foods.  They have intuitively learnt how to get all the nutrients they need from the food sources which are available around them.

However it is difficult for use to follow this diet for obvious reasons.  We do not have similar digestive abilities and also access to wild meats.  So for us it is wise to follow the recommended diets which consists of lots of plant based foods from which we primarily get the nutrition.

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