How Fiber Can Save You From Inflammatory Arthritis

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Arthritis is a painful condition of the joints and millions of people suffer from this.  However some of the research indicates that inflammation could be the cause of this condition and adding more fiber to your diet can help you dealing with this condition.

What is inflammation and inflammatory Arthritis

Inflammation is usually thought of as bad health condition.  In reality when the body senses some problems such as attack by outside bodies such as bacteria or viruses it releases white blood cells and certain proteins to fight them.  This condition is called inflammation.  Although the condition is for protection of the body the consequence are not always the happy ending type.  Inflammation can cause swelling, redness and pain as its side effects.

Not all inflammation is related to attacks by outside bodies.  Many times the inflammation can be triggered due to body attacking its own cells when it wrongly thinks that those cells are harmful.  This is called auto immune disease.

Many other times inflammation can also happen due to allergies to certain foods.  In some cases people can suffer from serious allergies to certain foods such as gluten or dairy protein.

How Inflammatory Arthritis Happen

Inflammatory ArthritisThere are many diseases or conditions which are associated with inflammation.  One of them is Inflammatory Arthritis.  Arthritis is associated with the pain in the joints.  When inflammation happens it attracts white blood cells in the joint and some of them can get deposited in the joints.  Along with white blood cells there are other chemicals also which are released into the sections where inflammation happens and then can seep into the tissues of the joint which can cause swelling, stiffness and pain.

This causes paint mainly in the joints which can cause you to walk or move your muscles in a different and wrong manner to avoid pain.  This ends up causing problems in more areas of the body.

How Fiber Can Help in controlling Inflammation

One of the indicators of inflammation is C Reactive Protein also known as CRP.  When it is available in more quantity in the blood it indicates inflammation in your body.  It also predicts the probability of metabolic diseases like diabetes and heart disease apart from arthritis.  When the amount of CRP concentration is more than 3 mg / L it indicates higher risk.

Here fiber can play important role in reducing the CRP levels.  Dietary fiber reduces the oxidation of Lipids which reduces the CRP levels in the blood.

A study conducted on 641 participants for 4 years found that there was direct correlation between taking high fiber diet and having lower CRP levels.  The study also found that both soluble and insoluble fiber played important role in reducing the inflammation.  For more details see the links to the studies below.

It is important to take foods which have lower glycemic index which do not allow the blood sugar levels to rise fast.  Having more fiber rich food automatically ensures that since fiber reduces the absorption of sugar into the blood stream, hence improving your health significantly.

Which foods contains good amount of Fiber

Many foods are great source of naturally occurring fiber.  Some of the best sources of fiber are beans and legumes, seeds such as flax seeds, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds.  You can also find lot of fiber in foods such as oats and green vegetables.

Is it better to take supplement or foods rich in fiber?

Supplements such as Metamucil and Citrucel can help you to get more fiber and fulfil your fiber needs.  However they are not the exact replacement for the fiber which is there in the foods.  For example when you get your fiber from beans such as black beans or white beans they contain proteins, vitamins and other nutrients also apart from fiber.  These nutrients and enzymes help use nourish and heal apart from providing strength.  Natural foods also contain enzymes and compounds which reduce inflammation and free radicals on their own apart from the fiber factor.

However these supplements can still help in reducing the absorption of sugar in blood stream if you take them before food.  So they can help in inflammation reduction.

So as far as possible try to get the

What are the foods you should avoid

As mentioned above, many times the inflammation is caused due to the foods we take and body’s reaction to those foods.  In general following foods are considered inflammatory –

  1. Deep fried foods: During deep frying in oil the oil molecules disintegrate and become bad for health.  It is doubly bad when the same oil is used for cooking again and again.  The chemicals which are release from consuming foods fried at high temperature cause inflammation in most people.  Some people have more reactions than others, but to some extent all people suffer from the reaction.
  2. Wheat: The wheat which is used now a days is mostly hybrid wheat and not the wild wheat which are cultivated a century ago.  That is the reason for so many instances of gluten allergy around us. Gluten is a protein which is produce in the barn of the wheat.  The solution is to use other cereals like Quinoa and maize based products.
  3. Refined Flour:  Refined flour is also highly inflammatory, though the reactions may not be as high as gluten containing foods.  Refined flour is difficult to digest and the bowel movements slow down.  So avoid refined flour products or reduce their quantity.
  4. Fish: Some people are allergic to fish.  If that is the case with you then you should avoid eating fish.
  5. Dairy Products: The protein in the dairy products, especially the homogenized milk can cause allergies and inflammation in some people.  If you want to take milk and not allergic to it, it is better to take yogurt or butter milk.  You can also take butter from grass fed cows.
  6. Sugar: Sugar is one of the modern day poisons which is destroying the health of people all over the world.  It is highly inflammatory and causes many metabolic conditions such as high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes.  If you avoid sugar and products which contain sugar in other forms such as high fructose corn syrup then your health can improve dramatically.

If you suffer from inflammatory arthritis then you should take lots of water and do walking.  Also take lots of fruits and vegetables which will nourish you.  If possible take only salads for three days and you should be able to see the positive difference it makes to your health.


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