How Fiber Helps in Constipation

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Fiber supplements such as Metamucil or Benefiber are considered as good and effective laxatives.  Both Metamucil and Benefiber are even taken by pregnant women which proves how safe they are.

So How Do Fiber Supplements Help in Curing Constipation?

If you suffer from constipation frequently that means that you are most likely not taking enough fiber containing foods which are plant based foods such as fruits, vegetables, legumes and seeds.  There may be other reasons also such as certain conditions which make the digestive system to slow down.  For example people who suffer from diabetes for a long time end up damaging the nerves which control the gut movements.  When the gut movement which is also known as peristalsis slows down it causes constipation.

However in normal cases, taking fiber supplement one or two times help in providing relief in constipation.  So does that happen?

Usually constipation happens when there is dryness in the intestines or there is old stool attached to the intestines which make the intestinal walls inflexible.  This causes the food not to move ahead properly during digestion.  Many times the food which remains in the intestines causes further constipation and it can develop into chronic constipation.

When fiber supplements are taken they absorb lot of water and form a bulk.  They also increase the amount of water in the intestines.  The extra weight in the intestines induces the peristaltic movement and pushes the stool forward and relieves the constipation.

Another Benefit of Fiber

Bulk caused by the fiber also scraps the intestinal walls and removes the old feces from them.  This again makes the walls flexible and improves their function.  So with clean intestines you start feeling light and energetic. The food which you eat can be easily digested and eliminated and you can avoid constipation.

However remember that even after you get relief from constipation, you should try to include lot of fiber containing foods and if required take supplements.  This will not only make you less likely to have constipation, you will also have other benefits associated with fiber.  If you feel that your meals at home lack fiber then you can also add psyllium to food.  This way you can ensure that your food does not lack the fiber needed.

If you are worried that you may develop Psyllium dependency then you can read this article on how to avoid Psyllium dependency for constipation.


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