How Fiber Helps You Lose Weight Over Time

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If you want to lose weight in a healthy way, the number one advise would be to control the amount of food which increases your blood sugar levels rapidly.  The best way to do that is to include more natural fibers in your food.  This fact has been established in several studies conducted over the years such as this one.  So why is that fiber helps you lose weight in a healthy way?

How Weight Gain Happens

Fiber for Weight Loss

The number one reason we become overweight has to do with how fast the food you eat raises your blood sugar levels.  If the blood sugar levels rises too fast after your lunch, body does not know what to do with that sugar.  It releases insulin which tells the cells of your body to store the extra sugar.

The extra sugar gets converted into fat which gets deposited not only around your waist, but it also starts getting deposited on the various organs of the body and the arteries.

So which kinds of foods causes rapid rise in blood sugar?  Usually any food which contains sugar is the primary culprit.  Various beverages which are consumed commonly such as cold drinks and coffee contain lot of sugar.  Other foods are those which are high in carbohydrates – such as rice, processed wheat product such as breads and bagels and most of the fruit juices.

The worst part about these foods is they increase your craving.  The excess sugar comes down too fast due to the insulin and sends a signal to the brain to again go for compensating the sugar deficit.  This cycle causes your to keep on gaining weight.

How Natural Fiber Helps

Natural fiber is contained in vegetables and fruits.  When you increase your intake of vegetables and fruits as well as whole grains instead of processed grains, something magical happens.

Dietary fiber is a type of carbohydrate.  However this special type of carbohydrate does not contribute to blood sugar increase.  Instead it stops the blood sugar from rising fast.  Why does it happen? The reason is dietary fiber is not digested by our body.  Instead it is sent out of the body without contributing to any energy gains.

While it passes through the digestive tract fiber absorbs water and extra cholesterol and fat.  Since you need to eat natural food for fiber, you end up eating healthier.  Another great contribution of fiber is, since it stays longer in the digestive tract than processed food it makes your feel full and satiated for a long time.

Since it does not allows the blood sugar to rise fast it also controls your cravings and prevents over eating.

All the above facts helps make dietary fiber one of the most healthy part of your food. Just keep taking fiber in your food and your will be blessed with healthy weight naturally.  If you are interested in learning about losing weight with Metamucil read this article.

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