How Fiber Makes You Lean

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There are multiple benefits of including more fiber in your everyday diet.  One of the most popular benefits of fiber based diet is the weight loss it promotes.  Most of the time it is thought that fiber promotes weight loss since it slows down the absorption of food into the blood stream.  However recent research shows that there may be another important reason behind success of fiber in controlling weight gain.

How Fiber Consumption Make You Healthier

New research shows that weight loss associated with fiber may be due to increase in healthy bacteria which resides in the guts.  A research which was carried out in the University of Illinois has shown that fiber consumption boosts weight loss.  The sad part is most people do not consume enough fiber even after knowing its benefits such as control in blood sugar levels, reduction in chances of cancers and many other health benefits.

Kelly Swanson who is a nutrition professor, led a team in the university which monitored 20 men who were fed food supplemented with polydextrose and soluble corn fiber everyday.  They found that it led to increase in Gut bacteria which is found in people who are lean.

As per Kelly the gut bacteria can do many functions such as fermenting protein, carbohydrates and other substrates.  Swanson also mentioned that they have been able to identify the bacteria and the function it performs.  Now they are trying to see if they can alter the behavior of the bacteria.

Why This Is Important For You

This information is important since it proves that bacteria has important role to play in our health and obesity problems.  It also proves that eating more fiber rich food is very important if we want to maintain good health.  It is also essential that we acquire the fiber from different sources.  As it was observed in the research that the fiber worked well when it was consumed along with many other sources of fiber.

Researchers also mentioned that most people in US consume less than 15 grams of fiber though the recommended amount is around 38 to 40 grams.  Interesting thing is soluble corn fiber and Poludextrose are used in many ready to eat foods such as energy drinks, cereal bars and cereals.  The bad news is most of these products have very high sugar quantity.

It is important to maintain the high fiber diet and not stop eating them once you get healthier.  The reason is the bacteria reduce in volume once you reduce your fiber intake.


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