How Fiber Reduces Cancer Risk

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You may hear some studies which mention that eating more red meat can increase the risk of cancer while you may also hear some other theories which contradict these findings.  Similarly you may hear or read about how eating more fruits and vegetable can help you reduce the cancer risk.

One thing that you will never hear is eating more fruits and vegetable increases the risk of Cancer.  The reason is there has never been any study which has found the link between Cancer with higher consumption of fiber.  In fact Physicians Committee for Responsive Medicine  also recommends taking good amount of fiber for cancer prevention.

In fact most of the studies have found that higher fiber consumption through fruits and vegetables are always beneficial for health.  You may take supplements of various minerals and vitamins  which are found in fruits and vegetable as pills, but you will miss the fiber which is equally important.  Hence it is always better to take fruits and vegetables in their natural form.

How Does Fiber Reduce Cancer Risk

Although the studies are inconclusive and not able to pinpoint the mechanism on how fiber reduces the risk but it has been observed that high fiber consumption does reduce the risk of cancer.  However there are some theories which might explain how fiber can help –

1. Fiber helps in eliminating the stool easily and also cleansing the surface of the intestines.  Due to this toxins cannot develop in the body.  When the body is full of toxins we fall ill more easily and body’s immune system goes down.  When we are clean and detoxified we feel light and immune system is also strong enough to fight diseases.

2. Many types of cancers are caused by carcinogens which are cancer causing agents.  Fiber can trap these carcinogens and prevent them from being absorbed into the body.  This is another possible reason for effectiveness of fiber in fighting cancer.

3. The third possible reason is dietary fiber keeps the guts clean and helps the healthy bacteria thrive.  It also prevents bad bacteria from building up.  In fact many colon cancer cases are related to bad bacteria in the colon.  In such cases fiber supplements such as metamucil can also help.

Alice Bender of American Institute for Cancer research also recommends the following – “We know that a plant-based diet rich in fruits, nonstarchy vegetables, legumes, and whole grains is associated with a lower risk of a number of the most common cancers – colorectal, stomach, mouth, pharynx, larynx, and esophageal.

Try to take mix of various dietary sources such as fruits, vegetables and legumes so that your diet is balanced and you get the maximum benefit.

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