How Fiber Rich Food Can Ease Gout Problem

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Gout is painful condition which is caused due to high volume of uric acid in the body.  When uric acid levels remain high for a long time if can gradually becomes crystallized and get deposited in the joints.  Joints of the big toe is more likely to be the target of the crystal deposit.  Although toes are the most likely target gout can also affect other joints such as ankle and knees.

If you have suffered from gout you will know how painful it is.  Many times it can last for weeks altogether and it can affect daily routine and make your movements difficult.  Sometime you can become totally immobile.  Even small movements can cause immense pain.

Usually it is believed that foods rich in purine causes uric acid and hence you need to avoid foods which have more purines such as red meat, certain sea foods and beer.  The popular treatment of gout involves steroids to knock of the purines and pain killer.  However they have their own side effects such as hair loss or stomach upset and many other possible side effects.

What New Research Says About Gout?

Gout cure with fiberTraditionally doctors advised patients of gout to avoid foods which contained more amount of purines.  Many recent studies have shown that although purines are responsible for increase in uric acid there may be another reason for uric acid increase.  That reason is high blood sugar.  High blood sugar is caused due eating to refined carbohydrates such as flour, pasta and white rice.  Another common drink which causes rapid increase in blood sugar is beer.

High blood sugar can get converted into uric acid and it also caused inflammation in your body. Many people underestimate the effect of high glycemic index foods.  Many recent researches have proved that many life style diseases are directly caused by taking these foods for a long time.  Many of you may be aware that foods which increase the blood sugar rapidly in your body are responsible for diabetes.  But did you know that it is also one of the prime reasons for high blood pressure?  It is also responsible for obesity and increased risk of stroke.  Together these symptoms are called metabolic syndrome.

Hence if you are a gout victim you need to take care so that your blood sugar levels are never too high.

Diabetes journal states – “Fructose is a major component of added sugars and is distinct from other sugars in its ability to cause intracellular ATP depletion, nucleotide turnover, and the generation of uric acid.

Here is another article which shows how fructose increase blood pressure and uric acid.

How High Blood Pressure Can Cause Gout

High blood pressure can also cause gout indirectly.  Angiotensin II receptor antagonist is a class of drug which is commonly prescribed for treating high  blood pressure.  The common name for this drug is Telmisartan.  These drugs have many side effect and one of them is Gout.  This has been observed by many patients.

As mentioned above one of the primary reasons for high blood pressure if prolonged periods of elevated blood sugar levels.  Hence if you suffer from gout attacks and take Telmisartan, then you should talk to your doctor to change the medication.  You should also ensure that your blood sugar levels are not high so that the root of the problem can be addressed.

How Fiber can help in Gout

Fiber has been known to slow down the absorption of sugar from the food into the blood stream.  Fiber does not get digested by our body and it also prevents other foods from getting absorbed fast into the blood.  If you are suffering from gout your should take more fiber rich foods including vegetables and nuts.

If you take your fiber in form of natural foods such as green vegetables like spinach, brocolli and color rich foods such as oranges, grapefruits you also get the other nutrients such as Vitamin A and C, many antioxidants like beta carotene, poly phenols and minerals like magnesium, phosphorus and zinc etc.

The antioxidants fight the free radicals, which can cause many issues in the body including inflammation.  Gout is result of inflammation and these chemicals help fighting the inflammation.  However take care that you should avoid high fructose foods such as mangoes, bananas and sugar added juices.  Also avoid bakery products and ice creams.

Vitamin C and A help in increasing immunity and  fight diseases.  Minerals like Magnesium, Calcium and Zinc also help fight inflammation and good for gout.

Taking fibers regularly,  will gradually bring blood sugar under control and helps in controlling many ailments including gout and diabetes.

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