How Is Dietary Content Measured In Foods

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Often when we go shopping we see the nutrition label for the dietary contents.  One of the most important ingredient is the fiber and you should definitely look for that. But how is the dietary fiber content measured?  Traditionally fiber content has been measured using Prosky method.  However now the latest method is know as McCleay method.

McCleary is the last name of the company founder Barry McCleary after whom the method is named.  This advanced technique helps remove double estimation as well as underestimation.  In 2009 a  new definition was formed on how to count the dietary fiber content.  This definition will be applicable in the US from 2016.

This method measures the resistant starch and the non digestible Oligosaccharides also.  Prosky method used the measure some of the components of dietary fiber in incomplete fashion which resulted in inaccurate and many time higher reporting of dietary fiber.

The new method also takes care of the temperature at which the digestion happens and how the temperature affects the digestion process to consider what is dietary fiber.

Megazyme is the company behind McCleary method.



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